Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 01.09.2020


“How many things have to happen to you before it occurs to you…..maybe I could change?” Robert Frost, adapted

Skype Call with our Prayer Partners in Nicaragua – THIS SUNDAY after worship! Finally a chance to meet our Prayer Partners face to face. This will be the first of occasional Skype Calls with our Hermanamiento/Partners in Laurel Galan, Nicaragua. This Sunday we get acquainted. In the future we will begin to share more of our community life with each other. Anticipate a wonderful blessing!

Disaster Preparedness at Peace: Saturday, January 11 at 4 pm the Committee (18 people) will meet to look at the multiple needs that msut be addressed to ensure good caring for our members and the community around us should there be a crisis of any sort. Already Philippa, Austin, Bev and Margaret have received wise counsel from the Red Cross. Much more to come! All are welcomed to participate.

New Member Dinner this Sunday at 4:30 at Peace. Ken is cooking, Diana and Howard are assisting. It is always a joy to get further acquainted with new friends at Peace.

Keep in your prayers: Susan and her mother, Betty, the people of Australia, for a year of Clear Vision, those who pray for us, children who are vulnerable, those dancing near the edge.

The Peace Mosaic Mandala Project is gracefully moving ahead. Jennifer Mitchell’s visit stirred many new connections. The Tibetan Buddhist project with a prisoner in Soledad is proceeding slowly but surely. New Mandalas with the Hindu community, Islamic Center, Taoist practicioners and Sikh friends have been initiated. What a marvelous interweaving of our lives and spiritual understanding this creative process gives us. And such a beautiful way to manifest Peace with our interfaith friends in this world.

Compassionate Storytelling: Charlene is coordinating 2 Presentations at St. Joan of Arc for their GIFT Educational program on January 16 at 10 am and January 22 at 7 pm. Both workshops are free and worthy of your participation.

Tattoos on the Heart – Fr. Greg Boyle , author of “Tattoos” will speak for the conclusion of the GIFT Series at St. Joan’s on Sunday, January 26 at 3:30. Shall a contingent of Peace folks carpool together??

From a Jazz Lover: Jazz has always been a moving experience for us. I think I shared the story that after Sunday morning and mid-day activities and returning to the house and putting our feet up for a short spell, we look at each other and ask, “do we really want to go to Jazz.” Every time the answer is yes ! Though it would be nice to hang around the house and chill, we go to Jazz because it has never disappointed, i.e. we always walk away saying, “Wow, we are glad we came.” This last Sunday was really excellent – Start to Finish. Thanks.

Epiphany blessings,
Pr. Steve