Pastor’s Blog / Grace Waves 3.11.2020


“The soul’s center is God.  God is one with all.  Hence, with God as our center, we are one with all.”  ~St. John of the Cross

  • This Sunday we will celebrate the Children of our Early Communion Class who have been learning all the many aspects of our Eucharist and why it is central to our worship.  The kids will be baking our Eucharist Bread!  Grandparents and Godparents will be present.  It will be a joyful celebration.
  • Adding to the joy our grandson Declan Harms will be Baptized this Sunday.  His Godparents Elias and Kelly have arrived from Montana. Bev and I are happy we get to celebrate Declan’s Baptism with all of you!  Expect wonderful worship.
  • Our thanks to Pr. Lucy for her insightful comments and poetry on International Women’s Day!
  • And thanks to Spencer and his family for providing our Hospitality foods.
  • Mary Lacasse invites you this Sunday during Forum to create marker moments in your life with sticks, stones or leaves as you De-clutter your Life!  Beep, beep, beep!
  • Our New Member Dinner is happening on Saturday at 5:00 pm at Peace.  Ken is blessing us with another feast!
  • Our Peace Council meets next Monday evening at 7 pm.
  • Walk the Labyrinth during Lent – another marvelous way to declutter your life!
  • Keep in your prayers:  Jose, Betty, Bob, Heather, those with the corona virus, Kelly on the death of Harry, those who pray for us.
  • Compassionate Storytelling Workshop – Saturday, March 28 from 1:30 – 4:00 pm at Peace.  Come build interfaith bridges of understanding with our friends.
  • Reactive or Receptive Mind this week???
  • RAIN
    • R – Recognize/
    • A – Accept/
    • I – Investigate with Kindness/ 
    • N – Non-identification with the results.

Lenten blessings, 

Pr. Steve