Pastor’s Blog / Grace Waves 10.09.19


~ Prayers for your safety and preparedness!  If you happen to be in one of the power shutoff locations, be safe and call on your neighbors and church friends should you need assistance.

~ Peace Office Hours this week and next:  

  • Office Closed Thursday, Oct 10, Friday Oct 11, and Monday/Tues Oct 14-15.
  • Pastor Steve will be in Worship Sunday Oct 13; out of office Oct 14th – 20th

~ Gary Celebrates 50 years of Church Music today in Wisconsin!  Practicing for the big day, today!

~ Peace Sunday School will be collecting these supplies in the Gathering Hall for the Humane Society and SPCA this fall: one and two gallon zip bags, recyclable plastic or paper handled bags, unused dog or cat toys, pet-friendly dish and hand soap, high quality dog and cat food, leashes, collars and harnesses.

~ Cathie and Sue Witt current art exhibit continues.  (The Forgiveness Forum Series will continue later in October)

~ Please keep in your prayers:  Tim Griesbach and family on the death of his mother, Bernice; Svetlana (Lyusya’ mother); Bob, Denise, Janet, our Creation and all threatened species.

Blessings, Pr. Steve