Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 05.08.2020

A Rose for the moms and women of Peace from Catherine Bell

Heaven – To know as we are known by Love:  “We want to be known.  We don’t want an ‘obscure’ life.  To be known is ‘to exist’ and that is why we want to be known – because if we are unknown we feel like shadows. Our ego demands center stage and it ceaselessly wants to compare with others.   Eternal glory means being known.  But human glory is a false glory, because it means being known by people who are not any more important than we are and their knowledge of us neither penetrates nor affects our being.  We are no less if we lead an obscure life unknown to this world.  We are no more significant if we are famous – our names appearing in headlines.  Our true existence lies in being known by God who only knows us through love.  Heaven is tasting the truth of who we are.  Heaven is freeing because we enjoy knowing who we are through the endless, generous love who is God. This love immediately births the love of community for perfect love can never be privatized!”  Ernesto Cardenal

Congratulations to Ella and Louis who are announcing that they are pregnant!  What joyful news!  Everyone is fine and their baby is due in the first week of October.  They are still in St. Louis and their future plans at this time are unknown.  They send their love to everyone at Peace.

Questions:  What have you experienced this week?  What disturbing?  What remarkable things have been discovered that you never expected?  Notice these things.  Note them in your journal. Put them in your prayers and release them to God.  There is no need to solve or fix anything you are experiencing during this crisis.

A Letter from our Peace Council regarding the financial picture for Peace has been sent to the whole congregation.  Please be on the look out for it.

Editing Skills:  Do you possess film/video editing skills?  Would you like to assist Gary in producing our current footage or work with the Archival Material we already have?  Could be a great deal of fun to bring the immense variety of events to life by making them accessible to the community of Peace and beyond.  Contact me if you are interested.  You do NOT have to be a professional.

Lectors:  Notify me if you want to read the Lessons for our Sunday Worship videos.  Gary and I want to share the creative riches with our whole community.

Correction:  I attributed the Stones you’ll see in Sunday’s Worship Video to Mary and these were actually a gift from Lori Garcia!  You will love these when you visit our Peace Garden or Walk the Labyrinth.

Poetry you Love:  What are beautiful poems you enjoy or have written – send them to me for Grace Waves.

Meditation:  Want to learn how to meditate?  Contact me.  The basics are quite simple and now is a great time to learn.

Recommended Read – All Saints by Robert Ellsburg:  Published in 2000 this volume shares a Saint’s Story for each day of the year. Well written and includes interfaith friends too.

US Mail Not for Sale:  In the midst of the covid crisis which still lacks any cohesive national strategy for eradication and a safe return to work, attempts are underway to get rid of the US Postal Service.  Besides being the most affordable and being utilized for multiple community resources I am most concerned that millions of people receive their medications through the US Mail and disruption to this service now only heightens the disaster we are in. Loss of the USPS could also be catastrophic for the election come November! If you want to learn what’s happening and how to help:

Thanks to Martha Mantei…. A TRUE Lutheran!!

Easter Blessings,

Pr. Steve