Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 04.08.20

Friends: “The Glory of God is the Human Being fully alive!” ~St. Irenaeus

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April 8 2020 (News from Lwamondo Parish in South Africa)
  Our brothers and sisters at Peace Lutheran Church.
   Let me start by greeting you with this week’s Watch word: “rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.”
   I’m delighted to see Pastor Steve with his grand son from baptism. I was pleased about that. Thank you very much.
   We again wish to appreciate your well wishes and blessings on Palm Sunday and Holy week.
   South Africa like any country around the world is affected by Corona virus. We thank the government the way is trying to flatten the curve.
   We are in complete lock down. No movement except to buy essentials or consult a doctor. Majority of us are observing. Only in informal settlements, is this a challenge. Schools closed two days earlier. School holidays have been elongated.
   Over 58 000 people have been tested so far. 1749 were found to be positive. At least 13 deaths and 95 recoveries by 4/ 7 / 2020.
   We pray that Scientists and doctors discover treatment. We pray for the sick, affected and dead. For the past two Sundays we didn’t have church services. We are receiving church services from social media. For elderly people without What’s App are at a disadvantage. We hope sooner than later would be a breakthrough.
   Greetings to you all. We wish you a blessed Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. John 3 : 16..

We keep in our prayers all with the covid virus, their families and all health workers and researchers.

Blessed Holy Week,

Pr. Steve