Pastor’s Blog / Grace Waves 03.18.20


“For now our lives lie hidden with Christ.” St. Paul

We take Refuge in God who is the Source, Vitality, Creativity and Completion of our lives.  

What a joy to celebrate with the early communion class:  Noah, Skye, Rosemary, and Adam! And celebrate the baptism of Declan Harms!  The kids baked the bread for Sunday’s Eucharist (picture) and sang Children of Our Heavenly Father, and sounded the gong for this memorable occasion!

Our office will be closed until April 7th.  Check your email for updates.  All email messages and phone calls will be read and returned twice per week.  Steve and Kari will be working remotely to keep in touch with all of you!  We will be including recordings or video of past homilies on our website home page.  Check back weekly!

In the Season of Lent we are invited to slow down so we can focus/go faster toward God.  The virus is certainly prompting our DeCluttering Theme this Lent.  We are not only clearing out extras in our lives, we have a chance to clarify what really matters in our daily lives.  Below is a List for a Spiritually, Creative Practices as we Shelter in Place for the rest of this Lenten Season.

Two Notes before the List:

Worship is cancelled for the next 2 Sundays.  Various Resources are included in this Notes of Peace and they  will continue to come to you.  I will “Shelter in Peace” here on Sundays at 10 am, offering prayers for our congregation and for those in need:  Bob, Betty, Fred, Howard, Jose, and for All who are at Risk.

Second– several members of Peace have offered to run errands or do shopping for other members who would appreciate this support.  Please notify me if you need assistance!  The hardest thing is to ask!

My cell is:  925-984-1246.  Please use this number only for emergencies.


  • Set aside a time each day (rhythmic repetition helps) to Pray for our Community and/or meditate.  Light a candle.  Simply ‘Be in the Presence of God’.  Of course we are always in God’s Presence but this rhythmic practice allows time for us to become more aware of this truth… my homilies have encouraged:  we are moving from reactive to receptive mind.)
  • Read Scriptures:  John 9:  1 – 41 our text for this Sunday; John 11: 1 – 45 our text for March 29.  Read the Psalms…..all of them….you’ve got time.  This is what monks do every week!
  • Call Friends to encourage them and break through any isolation.
  • Know that our friends in Lwamondo Parish, South Africa and Laurel Galan, Nicaragua are praying for us too.  Keep them in your prayers.
  • Keep a Journal – as primitive or expansive as you wish.  What are you noticing about yourself or our times as we pass through this constricted time?  Do other life priorities begin to emerge for you?
  • You can also Paint, doodle, image things on paper with color.  Work with Mary’s suggestions:  gathering stones and/or sticks and writing on them.  Perhaps you’ll want to bring these to church when we can gather again.  What role does beauty play in your life?
  • Rest.  It’s the key to wisdom. 
  • Read The Sabbath Book by Wayne Muller.  Take to heart the variety ways we can rest, reflect and become sane.  Read any good book you’ve been putting off.
  • Write a Letter to your children, nieces and nephews and grandchildren about what you have learned that Really Matters in Life.
  • Storms are coming — sit on the porch and really enjoy them!
  • Many species of animals have become extinct in our life times.  Reflect on what this threat of extinction feels like to you.  And what if nobody cared?
  • Listen to music – a whole symphony or album.
  • Rest.  And remember we do not live by bread alone.

Lenten Blessings, 

Pr. Steve