Pastor’s Blog 11.08.19


“The living are few and the dead abound in this life — the dead being those who never let go and can’t walk away from themselves into love or laughter.” Christian Bobin


All Saints Questions
Whose wisdom significantly marks the path of life you have taken?
Who stood by you and moved you through troublesome times?
Whose spirituality or theology has guided and grounded your own?
Who brought you steadfast love and indelible acceptance?
Who inspired and encouraged you to believe in your abilities?

~ Our traditional Thanksgiving Eve Interfaith Service will be on Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 7:00 pm at St. Timothy’s Church, 1550 Diablo Road. You are invited to bring cookies/goodies for the reception, canned goods for the Food Bank and an Offering for Shelter, Inc.

~ The Pure Delight Christmas Concert: December 8 ~ 5:00 pm.
Our 7th Year Concert will include Jazz artists for the first time: Anton Schwartz, sax, and Vocalist Tiffany Austin along with Classical Violinist Jiwon Kwark. Will be outstanding!
Our Artist in Residence Pacific Choir will perform with warmth and beauty and the Junior Choir will melt your hearts. Director Hyunjung Choi will prepare a Concert of pure delight.  CCIH will be the Beneficiary so Tom and Linda Hall who represent Peace on their Board will be promoting in those circles.
The Jazz Crowd, Interfaith friends and Korean Community are also invited. Spread the word – invite friends to experience the rich cultural life of Peace with you!
Tickets: $25/person  *  $45/couple.  *  $60/Family of 4

Blessings, Pr. Steve