Good News, 08.04.09


“If we want to learn to ‘thank’ aright we must ‘think’ about the miracle of life that is happening to us.  For thinking and thanking belong together.  Both are worship and they cannot be separted.  Both are an exercise everyday.”  Helmut Thielecke

Achi ben Shalom will contribute Israeli music and songs to our worship this Sunday.  The Chorus got off to a good start.  If you wish to join us you may do so on Thursday at 7 and Sunday at 9 am.  The Sacred Visits Pilot Project (sponsored by the Interfaith Council) are visiting various congregations on an Interfaith Tour during August.  They will be with us on Sunday as well.  Invite your friends.

Amar Khalsa with family and friends will lead us in Sanskrit Chants from the Sikh tradition on August 16.  Amar has been with us before and I am sure you will appreciate his gifts again.

Our Recycling Bins have arrived.  Thank you Ro for ordering and assembling them!

Here is a beautiful letter from Stefan Safsten, the Jarva Roster Choir Director.  I think you’ll appreciate his reflections

“I have been home for several weeks now but my heart and soul are still in California. I understand more and more that the “Words of Realness” experience has been something I will carry in my heart for a long time if not as long as I live. To be involved in something like this, I believe is so much greater than just a composition for a choir or a tour. It has touched my heart in a way that has changed my life. I do believe that faith can move mountains and the power of God is so much more than one can believe or comprehend.

7 years ago I jumped on a train – I did not understand the destination. I still don’t understand. Something in Spoon’s lyrics is so strong and they speak to me in a way that that heals me. I know my own history and to “be real” as Spoon says, is one thing I’ve always strived for. Now I have got a new brother in Spoon so I think that God has planned it all.

I don’t believe in the decree of fate but I do believe that God has a plan for every single human being. I am so happy to have met with people that don’t believe that one must be Pentecostal, Orthodox, Lutheran, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or something else in particular to be in God’s plan. I think God is so much greater than that. Who can ever say what’s right or wrong? Who can ever say I’m innocent? I guess no one can. And who am I to judge?

Maybe this can help Spoon to be free in the future. Maybe he is already more free than any of us who are struggling with our own dilemmas. Spoon always says: Stay real!  I will do my best to keep it real. Thank you for all your support. Please say hello to the congregation in Danville. I don’t think the choir ever before has gotten such a good reception! “

And – Greetings from Phil and George who are resting on a Greek Isle…… and thinking of all their friends at Peace.

Blessing,  Pr. Steve