Grace Waves/Pastor’s Blog 11.08.18


“The friendship of wise ones is tasteless as water.

The friendship of fools is sweet as wine.

But the tastelessness of the wise brings true affection

And the savor of fools’ company ends in hatred.”  Chang Tzu (250 BCE)

 ~ November is Stewarding Month at Peace! 

 ~ Jazz Church West was a wonderful evening of music with my trio featuring Dahveed Behroozi & Dillon Vado and inspiring words by Pr. Steve . (I always deeply appreciate his open-mindedness and how he incorporates teachings/philosophies from other faiths into his comments. This time he brought in a lesson from Taoism.)  Ed Klitsch is deeply valued by many here in the SF Bay Area Jazz scene for his love of the music and the wonderful series he created at Jazz Church West…which is 14 years old now! Thank you, Ed!  (Jeff Denson, composer, singer and bassist)

 ~ Veil Tapestry Evolving:  A woman in Australia, Sandra Wright, saw an image of the Veil in the Interfaith Gallery and asked for a print of it for a wedding present for an interfaith couple.  I sent her a digital file to avoid printing complications.  She was grateful and wanted to compensate the “artist” (which floored me).  I requested that she make a contribution to Peace instead.  Bill Carmel

~ Rhythm & Spirit:  SAT Nov 17th, 4:00p –   Dance to World Music with Kaleo Ching!  This is a fundraiser for a refugee Afhgani family.  $10/person.  Check out the raffle!

 ~ Thanks again for the Interfaith Festival and congratulations on 6 Decades of exemplary work of the kind that transforms hearts and thereby lays the only credible foundation for a future Golden Age.”  Friends from the Baha’i Assembly

 ~ Chromatica at Peace!  Sat Nov 10th, 7:00p  $20


~ Peace served as a Polling Place for the Elections this week and approximately 1,000 people voted here.  There was a constant flow of voters throughout the day.

 ~ A Call for Change:  For the month of November, the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa will be featuring “A Call For Change”, an exhibit of PhotoVoice artwork that brings together photos and messages from people experiencing homelessness in Contra Costa County. The artwork will be displayed in the lobby of the County Administration Building at 651 Pine Street in Martinez for the month of November.

 ” The constant objectification of people and organizations as enemies and outsiders must come to an end. Political, religious, and civic leaders have the responsibility to exemplify what it means to face the important issues of the day with respect and decorum. How we speak about an issue is as important as the issue we speak about. Those charged with leadership must raise the caliber of the discussion to the human and humane level.”  Fr. Tom Bonacci

Blessings, Pr. Steve