Grace Waves/Pastor’s Blog 10.17.18


“Without courage we can never attain to true simplicity.  Cowardice keeps us “double-minded” — hesitating between the world and God.  In this hesitation, there is no true faith – faith remains an opinion.  We are never certain, because we never quite give in to the wisdom of an invisible God.  This hesitation is the death of hope.  We never let go of those visible supports which, we well know, must one day surely fail us.  And this hesitation makes true prayer impossible — it never quite dares to ask for anything.”  Merton

The Johnson Family singing and playing for worship, a theatre production performed twice during the weekend, recitals and the previous week jazz and the Blessing of the Animals.  It seems we are constantly enriched with an abundance of blessings.

Seminarian Louis will preach this Sunday.  Anticipate a great occasion!  And thanks to our Seminarian Committee that has begun to guide and shape his pastoral formation at Peace.

Peace 60th Birthday:  On October 28 we will have an abbreviated worship with 2 wonderful Surprises to honor our 60 years….and the 501st Anniversary of the Reformation. 

A delicious Oktoberfest will follow with 





all the traditional meal of bratwurst and sauerkraut and German biers!  With a little rest in the afternoon you’ll be able to return for the Interfaith Festival at 4:30.  Be sure to sign up to help with the  Celebration!   We are all Hosts for the Event so welcome everyone you can and invite others to join you!  

Community Letter From Laurel Galan From Entre Culturas Visit 9/26/18

We know that you are always thinking about our social, political and economic situation. We know that in your prayers you ask God for us and that gives us strength and increases our hope for a better life.

We thank you for the help you plan to send us because it will help us meet some of our basic needs. During this second planting we have received the blessing of the rain twice and we have faith in God that we will harvest even if it is just for the consumption for our families.

We stand in solidarity with you through our prayers so that your petitions have a response in God’s time. We want to share with you that the community meetings are being held in the homes of each of the group members.

Thank you for the candle, the photograph of our sister Enriqueta and the drawing symbol of the Holy Spirit that guides us every day.

With love, Your sisters from Laurel Galán.

Blessings, Pr. Steve