Grace Waves/Pastor’s Blog 09.12.18


“There was something formless and perfect

before the universe was born.

It is serene.  Empty.  Solitary.  Unchanging.

Infinite.  Eternally present.

It is the mother of the universe.

For lack of a better name,

I call it the Tao/ the Way.”  (Lao-tzu)

Marvelous and transcendent moments this past Sunday with our Psalm, “Taste and See” and Eucharist.  God is good.

Communion of Solitudes:  Our Forum revealed how essential silence and solitude are to the members of Peace.  Without contemplative stillness our clarity disappears, decision-making gets foggy and commitment to act on our values flags.  Henri Nouwen said,  “The church is a communion of solitudes.”  We bring our inner stillness to one another and this creates the wisdom and peace of the spiritual community.

“Pure prayer begins at the threshold of silence.  It says nothing, asks for nothing.  It is a kind of listening.  The deeper the listening, the less we listen for, until silence itself becomes the voice of God.”  Stephen Mitchell

Meditation at Peace (from 6 – 6:45 pm) begins again on Thursdays, September 20.  It includes 10 minutes of Kinhin/Walking Meditation.  If you cannot participate but would like to learn the basics and intention of Meditation practice, please contact me and I will gladly teach you.

Save the Date;  Peace 60th Birthday Party – October 28:  Worship in the morning and an Interfaith Festival – Salaam/Shalom/Shanti Sangha Celebration – at 4:30 in the afternoon!

Rhythm and Spirit: — Bruce Silverman leads our next Embodied Prayer Event with a Drumming Circle on Saturday, September 22 from 4 – 6 pm.  When ancient Israel collapsed and went into Exile, the Babylonians refused permission for the Jewish people to bring their drums with them because the drums would give them hope, energy and courage.  Are you ready for some joyful energy?!  And you are invited to bring your children and grandchildren who will never stop thanking you.

The High Holy Days conclude with  Yom Kippur on September 18. Anti-Semitic fliers were posted at or near five Bay Area synagogues ahead of Rosh Hashanah. The fliers with vile caricatures and comments were from the far-right website Daily Stormer.

We remember the martyr Stephen Biko who was murdered 41 years ago this week by the South African apartheid regime.  Biko was the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement and the author of “Frank Talk” a profound collection of reflections on restoring dignity and consciousness to oppressed peoples.  Stephen Biko was also a close friend and inspiration for Tshenu and Mudzunga Farisani.

Keep in your prayers June, Margaret, Bernie, Shivani’s father, the 90 countries participating in Eco-Summit Gatherings around the world; Denise, Laura Patterson on the death of her mother Phyllis, Samantha and John who will be married this weekend.

Homecoming Sunday – September 23!  The New Life Band from Tanzania will lead our worship that day. Friends from Tanzania, Rwanda and hopefully South Africa will join us for worship.  A tasty Luncheon of Tanzanian and American foods will follow with a selection of African crafts available for purchase, too.  Anticipate a joyful day!  Invite friends to join you.

Tai Chi Chuan Classes (a 12 week series) begins on Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 pm.  An open mind and loose clothing are all you need.  Tai Chi combines physical exercise, martial arts and meditation in movement.  Tai Chi means The Great Uncontainable in Form.  Check it out, spread the word.

Wed  Oct 3:  National Day of Korea Concert at Herbst Theater, 7:00 pm featuring our own Pacific Youth Choir.  Tickets are FREE – Reserve your seat with the office (925.648.7000 or [email protected]) Reserve by Sun 9/23

If you forget to be grateful for your life – read the Psalms.   They will renew you with deep, exuberant praise for the gift of now!

” Let the heaves and the earth rejoice,

     let the waves of the ocean roar,

   let the rivers clap their hands, 

     let the mountains rumble with joy,

   let the meadows sing out together,

     let the trees of the forest exult.”

Blessings,  Pr. Steve