Grace Waves – Pastor’s Blog 01.31.2018


“The virtues of suffering:

Due to the shock suffering causes us, our arrogance falls away – we see life more clearly;

Suffering also gives rise to compassion for all others who are suffering; and

Because of our suffering, we avoid actions that will bring suffering to others.”


Our next Family Service will be on February 11.  Our  Annual Congregational Meeting will follow worship on that day.  It appears it will be a brief meeting.

Last Friday Films viewing of “Happy” last weekend garnered an audience of 20+ people.  Good film, good cooking by Ken, good friends, good times.  Thanks, Elana!

Fields of Blood:  Religion and the History of Violence by Karen Armstrong.  This in-depth historical study of the world’s 5 Major Religions reveals that religions are not the source of violence and wars.  I mentioned this in last Sunday’s homily and Armstrong’s work is a fine piece of truth telling.  While this is hard for many of us to believe, this platitude has caused enough damage. (Name the religious cause for our American Revolution, 1812, Civil War, WWI and WWII, Viet Nam and Iraq.)  Read the book and then we’ll talk.

Mask Making Workshop at Peace lead by Kaleo and Elise on February 17 and 18.  Youth and parents from Peace and Beth Chaim will be participating.  Would others of you like to join in?

Laurie England sends her love from Longview, Washington.  She is glad for her move but misses her Peace friends.

The Jazz Church West hosts pianist Glen Pearson on Sunday, February 11 at 5 pm.  This is on the 2nd Sunday of the month due to Super Bowl.

The Church Year which is based on a lunar calendar has all of our Feast Days as early as they can possibly be this year.  Ash Wednesday falls on February 14/ Valentine’s Day and Easter will be celebrated on April 1 the Fool’s Day.

The Lenten Class on Exodus that Rabbi Dan Goldblatt and I will teach will begin on February 28 and go for an additional 3 Wednesday evenings.  Copies of the book by David Zaslow will soon be available for you.

Epiphany Wisdom,

Pr. Steve