Grace Waves 9.21.17


“There is no future without forgiveness…..a napalmed little girl saying to the pilot 25 years later “I forgive, I forgive”……the former Dragon of the kkk now friends with a Black Muslim…..’Anna, I’m taking you home’…..mercy, mercy, mercy – ever abounding, always astounding….the confounding life of grace.”


Happy news for our Youth Group:  Crystal Larsen and Seminarian Louis Moehlman will be working with our Youth Group this year!  They are excited and way cool things will be happening.  On October 8 kids, parents and leaders will gather at 12:30 at Peace for conversation and then at Beth Chaim for an Interfaith Youth Group gathering from 2 – 4 pm.

Peace Singers:  11 Singers desire to create beautiful choral music for Peace and Elizabeth Hunter-Ashley is willing to lead and nourish singers voices!  The first gathering will be on Friday, September 29 from 10:45 – 12:30 pm at Elizabeth’s home.  45 minutes for vocalists and 60 minutes for developing repertoire.  Coffee and such provided.  Additional singers are welcomed.  It’s understood that not everyone can attend every week but we can now have ongoing choral contributions.   What a joyful and creative opportunity this will be for all of us!

October 1 – St. Francis Animal Blessing at Peace Worship!  Bring all your animals at 10 am to this joyful worship occasion.  Feel free to invite other human and animal friends as well.

Jazz Church West:  Our 13th Season open on October 1 at 5:00 pm with drummer Sylvia Cuenca who hails from New York City!  Will be great for your soul!

Did you hear Stephen Colbert’s “TV Industry Prayer” at the Emmy’s?  “Thank you God for our talent and for the empty void inside so many people who have to fill it with something.  Amen”   In that spirit……

The 23rd Channel – In Honor of the Emmy’s

The Home Entertainment System is my shepherd.  My spiritual growth shall want. It makes me sit down and do nothing for nobody’s sake.  It requireth my spare time. It keepeth me from my responsibilities because it presenteth so many good shows that I must see.

It restoreth my knowledge of the things of the world and keepeth me from God’s word and wisdom.  It leadeth me in the path of nonsense (except for the science channel) by failing to attend to things that matter.

Yea, though I live to be a hundred, I shall keep on viewing my TV (and hand held devices) as long as they work, for they babysit me and are my closest companions. It’s sounds and images comfort me.

It presenteth entertainment before me and keepeth me from doing important things with my family.  It fills my head with ideas which distract me from the love of God.

Surely, no good thing will come of my life, because my TV offereth me no good time to enjoy the presence of God; thus I will dwell in the land of make believe forever.

OctoberReformation Themes and Highlights during the whole month!

Animal Blessings Oct. 1 — during worship

Family Service Oct 8 :  Planting daffodils and Youth Group Interfaith Event at Beth Chaim 2 – 4pm

500th Reformation Celebration 

10 am with Oktoberfest Festive Lunch

Grace Cathedral Celebration at 2pm with Bach’s Cantata #80 and Festive Eucharist Liturgy at 3:00 pm

(Louis is getting us a Van which will transport 15 people.  Sign ups begin on October 1.)

Also – Thyme for Tea on Oct. 29  — 3 seats remain.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve