Grace Waves 12.20.17


“Everlasting joy shall fill their hearts and minds.’ (Isaiah 35).  How are we supposed to be able to help those who are without joy and courage, if we ourselves are not borne by courage and joy?  Happiness is often relief from pain, distress and anxiety but it doesn’t last.  The joy of God has gone through the poverty of the manger and the distress of the cross; therefore it is invincible and irrefutable.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer


** Advent Taize at San Damiano:  Our Final Contemplative Prayer Gathering Wednesday, Dec 20th – 7:00p.  Drop in, have your soul refreshed and prepared for Christmas.

** 4th Sunday Advent: We celebrate the Love of Mary and the Magnificat this 4th Sunday of Advent at 10:00am

**Giving Tree gifts –  Many thanks to all who presented their Giving Tree Gifts last Sunday.

** Baptisms:  Three children will be baptized during our Christmas Season – Asher Pierovich, Tanner Moran (McCann) and Eaden Fallahi.  Rejoice!

** Christmas Service Schedule: 

  • Sunday  Dec 24, 10:00a – Advent 4: Mary Sunday with Baptism!
  • Sunday  Dec 24,   5:00p – Christmas Eve Family Service
  • Sunday  Dec 24, 10:00p – Christmas Eve with Candles and Communion
  • Monday  Dec 25, 10:00a – Christmas Day Carols and Eucharist

** Children’s Service: “Pageant” Rehearsal 4:00 Saturday 12/23 – We are looking for a baby Jesus!

** Keep in Your Prayers: Linda, Christina, Drew, Carol, Olavi, Heidi, Danny, Gun, Margaret, Sue, Rich and Rosemary on the death of Lee, Michael and Kathy Riordan, the family of Yusef, Ed K and Ed R., Michael’s father, Dennis, Marshall, Johnny’s mother, Spoon, Seminarian Louis, Crystal, those who are without homes, those without health care, those whose health care doesn’t cover their needs, those who live with addictions, those who are alone, the children of the world.

** Weaving Our Stories: 8 – 10 conversations took place during Forum this past Sunday.  Be sure to enjoy the weaving tapestry visual representation of the conversations, on display in the Gathering Hall

**Longest Night / Blue Christmas 2017:  Bay Area Services listed HERE  What is a Blue Christmas or Longest Night Service?  Brightly wrapped packages, Christmas trees, holiday parties, holly and the scent of pine, unending upbeat carols in shops and malls, visits from friends and family, baking and cooking, food everywhere –these are the images and memories of Christmas most of us celebrate and treasure. But each year some people–the grieving, the lonely, the hopeless–dread the approach of the holiday season. They have no heart for the cheer and the bustle, the anticipation and the excitement. Across the country congregations recognize the struggles grieving people often face during the holidays. In the weeks before Christmas they focus ministry efforts on special worship services that speak to the needs of the downhearted.

I celebrated my 40th Ordination Anniversary on December 18.  I was initially called to a Worker-Priest Ministry in San Francisco by Holy Comforter Church in St. Louis.  This was the Dedication Scripture for the day:  “Hence I remind you to rekindle the gift that is within you through the laying on of my hands; for God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power and love and joy!”

Joyous Advent and Blessed Christmas!

Pr. Steve