Grace Waves 11.02.17


“Without memory, our existence would be barren and opaque, like a tomb which rejects the living.  For me, hope without memory is like memory without hope.  For people of faith, forgetting is never an option.  Remembering is a noble and necessary act.  The call of memory, the call to memory, reaches us from the very dawn of history.  No commandment figures so frequently, so insistently, in the Bible.  It is incumbent upon us to remember the good we have received, and the evil we have suffered.”    ~Elie Wiesel, Nobel Acceptance Speech, December, 1986

 We celebrate All Saints this Sunday, an occasion to remember the Loved Ones who have gone before us in life and death.  We remember them because they touched and shaped our lives and because the gift of our faith has been transmitted through the love they shared.  Our faith is more caught than taught and the embodied acts of love by the saints in our lives make that crystal clear for us.

Weaving our Stories – A Season of Listening — Forum this Sunday!    Beginning on All Saints Sunday and extending through Advent Crystal Larsen will lead us in a process of engaging one another in one-on-one discussions.  This will be introduced for us on Sunday.
Mindful of how the Saints have impacted our lives, while the chill and darkness increase around us we are invited  to seek to hear the warmth of one another’s life stories in ways we may not have heard before. And as a way of visualizing these happy connections, we will also create an Artistic Weaving to symbolize every conversation that takes place. These half hour conversations will gently deepen our appreciation for one another by enriching the friendships within the community of Peace.  Weaving our Stories nourishes stronger ties and delights in all the surprising gifts with which  the Spirit has surrounded us.  Crystal and I look forward to your participating.

Thanks to Nancy and Diana for our Oktoberfest; to Gary for his creativity….when’s the last time you sang hymn verses backwards?; and to Louis and Kari for the special van transportation arrangements for the 500th!

Forum Peace as Sanctuary – Draft Proposal II:  The conversation continues on Sunday, November 12.

The Youth Group will be meet on Sunday, November 12 at 12:30.

Keep in your prayers:  Dennis, Linda, Marshall, Gun, Margaret, Mara, Brian, Michael on the death of his mother, gratitude for those who have experience successful surgeries.

Jazz Church West presents the Jeff Denson Electro-Acoustic Quartet this Sunday.  Hear the fine compositions of this extraordinary bass player and the electric bassoon of Paul Hanson!  Reception will include meeting artist Mary LaCasse, our current Sanctuary gallery exhibit.

Peace will host our annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Service on Wednesday, November 22 at 7:30 pm.

Time Change this Sunday – Fall Back….an extra hour of sleep!

Blessing of the Saints!
Pr. Steve

First Friday Film   Nov. 3  6:30pm Gathering Hall 

Join us for the Hitchcock classic thriller, North by Northwest (1959) where Cary Grant plays an innocent man pursued across the country by agents of a mysterious organization. They are willing to go to any lengths to smuggle microfilm with government secrets. Eve Marie Saint helps keep him alive up to the final literal cliffhanger at Mt. Rushmore. Run time 136 min.; not rated. Common Sense Media parents’ rating is age 14+ but kids rate it at age 10+. Please bring munchies to share.