Grace Waves 10.12.17


“May Peace and Peace and Peace be everywhere. ”     ~The Upanishads

October Forums (Reformation Insights will be presented each Sunday of October)

  • 15 Peace as Sanctuary: A Reforming Proposal (First Draft)…Dialogue Continues
  • 22 – “Stirring Faith and Joy”:  The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • 29 – Oktoberfest at Peace – following worship.  Then Ein Feste Burg and Liturgy at Grace Cathedral in the afternoon.

Sunday, Oct 29th: 500th Reformation Celebration 

  • Oktoberfest Festive Lunch  – 11:30a following Worship
  • Grace Cathedral 2:00p Bach’s Cantata #80 with the Pacific Youth Choir & Orchestra, additional music by Coelis, Soprano Jennie Y. Byun, Tenor Woojeong Lee, Alto Sunhee Lee, and directed by Hyunjung Choi.
  • Festive Eucharist Liturgy 3:00p; Bishop Dr. Victoria Cortez of  Nicaragua will be preaching. Our Laurel Galan delegation met with the Bishop in August of 2013!



Reformation Festival – Our Carpool Van transporting 15 people from Peace to Grace in San Francisco is already full!  A second van carrying 6 people is available for sign ups this Sunday.

Keep in your prayers:  The many fire victims of Sonoma, Napa, and Mendicino Counties;  the Las Vegas family victims,  the people of Puerto Rico, Houston and Florida; Bangladesh; Kelley’s mom, Linda Britt, Marshall, Johnny’s mom, Kristen, Spoon,Tom.

Peace Singers Rehearsing at Elizabeth’s Home:  October 20 and 27 – Fridays.  In November we may shift rehearsal to Thursdays.  Join the dozen folks now participating.  All are welcome!

The SF Gay Men’s Chorus will be touring the Deep South on a Good Will Mission to build understanding and friendships with people who are surrounded by attitudes and experiences of intolerance.  Last Saturday the Chorus had a Send Off Concert at Grace Cathedral.  Our thanks to Gary who filmed this video.  The lyrics of this song are the words Mark Twain had carved into his young daughter’s tombstone.  Blessings on your journey!

Baha’i assembly invites you to a celebration honoring the 200th birthday of their founder Baha’u’llah on Oct 21st,  6:00—8:00p at the Danville Community Center on Front Street. Your rsvp to the church office or  Ben Jones will assist them in planning this event.

Reforming blessings,

Pr. Steve