Good News, 9.18.2008


C’mon Home – though you’ve abandoned your spiritual vows and promised 10,000 times – C’mon Home.  We turn our backs on God day by day but not for one second has God ever turned away from us.  C’mon Home! – Rumi

Homecoming Weekend kicks off with our Show or No Spaghetti Feast on Saturday at 5:00 p.m.  Even at this late date you are invited and will not be turned away – even on Saturday night!  Bring friends for a delicious and relaxing evening.  If you can’t make it, your support of this fundraiser is still appreciated.  Raddi and Susanna El Mogazi will be serving you their very rare Lebanese-Italian pasta specialty.  Bring a bottle of wine if you wish.

Our Homecoming Worship will celebrate the Sign of Jonah and the Fall Solstice.  Hear some of the most delightful comedy Scripture has to offer!

Charlene McPherson, the Worship Committee and Church Council invite you participate in Heard the Word which starts at 9:30 on Sundays.  It’s a chance to reflect on the Gospel for the day which will enrich your entire worship experience.  We will meet in the Gathering Hall.

The Hospitality Committee has 10 people signed up.  They’ll meet after to worship to organize themselves.  If you wish to join them and assist with goodies after worship, they will probably let you join them.

The Confirmation Class has their first class this Sunday afternoon at 3:30 in Margit and Lars Johansson’s home.  The whole congregation will be involved during the course of the year with these young people.  Please keep them in your prayers.

The new Junior High group will meet after worship on the 28th.  Ceil McCloy will be leading this group.

The Holy Convergence is happening Sunday, September 28 from 2 – 5:30 pm at Peace.  Bring friends to experience this delightful Interfaith Festival.  Would you like to help “person” the Peace Table?

The Animal Blessing/Pet Festival organizing Committee is in need of people to distribute fliers to local Pet Businesses this next week.  Can you help drop off fliers?  ARF is co-sponsoring this event with us and now is the time to get the word out.  You will receive promotional fliers about all our wonderful Fall Activities this Sunday.

Blessings, Pr. Steve