Good News, 6-25-2008

Dear Friends:

Have you noticed all the crosses at Peace are open?
The baptismal font, the entrance cross in the courtyard, the sanctuary wall
and the processional cross –
all are open, encouraging you to see the world through the cross!

Dana and Anita Cadonau-Huseby invite you to a Celebration of their Wedding (with a Marriage License from the State of California) this Sunday, June 29 at 4:00 pm. Though married 6 years ago, they would love to mark this important occasion with friends. All the members of Peace are welcomed. “No gifts, no cards” – come casual. A reception with an immense amount of cake will follow.

Congratulations to Robert and Annie Haines who celebrated their 26th Wedding Anniversary this past Sunday. It’s amazing we didn’t run out of tears! A gift to have all 3 of Annie’s daughters present. Our thanks to Diane Sangster and Megan Miller for their beautiful music and to Sue for her compositions. And by the way, how did Karl Pfeiffer know how many M&Ms were in that jar? Did he taste test or is he really, really, smart? And thank goodness Dana Squire chose to read the lessons in English!

Congratulations to Ken and Kathy Ruff on their 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations to Jill Tomamichel and Chris Odne who will be married this weekend in Monterey. Do you sense a theme here?! Kathy and Jim Tomamichel send their warmest greetings to friends at Peace.

Congratulations to Sarah Saltzer who was unanimously elected as our new Financial Secretary!

Margaret and Katherine Beeler spent this last week celebrating Margaret’s father Ted’s 90th Birthday!

Lois McGee will celebrate the 95th Birthday of her second grade teacher with her classmates in Fresno this weekend. What a party that will be!

Please keep the members of our Corazon Youth Trip in your prayers as they journey and build this weekend. They will lead worship with highlights from their construction venture on July 6.

Linda Benatar has been stretching the limits with a Yoga Retreat in Mexico.

Our thanks to all of our teachers who provide excellence in education for our young people. You face incredible challenges and provide quite a blessing!

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And from our JazzCat Ed Klitsch – a tribute to and from George Carlin:

The best thing about getting old is you’re not responsible for remembering things anymore. Even important things. ‘But it was your friend’s funeral.’ ‘I forgot!’ You can even make-believe you have Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a lot of fun. You can look around the dining room table and say, ‘Who are you people and where is my horse?’ And you look at your eldest son and you say, ‘Agnes, I haven’t seen ya since your Confirmation!”

May Peace prevail on Earth! Pr. Steve