Good News, 3.11.2011


Here is the struggle no human presumes to picture….no one wants to face:
In our living and dying – how shall we be rescued from endless dark Shadow?
How break through the coldness of earth and stone, the hardheartedness of a faithless world?

How shall we birth breath and heartbeat to walk this world with joy and freedom and dignity….A world filled with open wounds and anguish?

The Spirit streamed through every cell of Christ’s body (the Transfiguration tells us);
If mortal sight could bear to perceive it, we would see His mortal flesh was lit from within.

And he is aching to bring us home … the company of friends and the mystery of ourselves.

A second piano was received as a gift from Sue Field this past Sunday. It offers additional musical opportunities. We are thankful.

The Transfiguration painting in honor of Judy Collins was also unveiled. Our thanks to the Collins Family here and across the country who have blessed Peace with this gift. We pray it will be a light pointing to the Light.

Members of the Healing Prayer Team will be attending a Healing Prayer Conference this weekend which is initiated and sponsored by our good friend and mentor Rev. Francis Geddes. Pr. Margareta and I will be presenting a workshop on Healing Prayer in Congregational Life.

The Archives Committee will meet this Thursday at 1:15 pm.

Congratulations to Betty and Ted Schwann on their 67th Wedding Anniversary! And to Lois and Bob McGee on their 57th Wedding Anniversary!

Blessings, Pr. Steve