Good News 2.18.2011

Pastor Steve’s homily from this past Sunday, February 13, is now available online for your listening and soul’s pleasure. You may listen or download the this and past sermons by going to the audio sermons online section.



“What would happen if we would say what we mean and mean what we say? We would speak a whole lot less and say a whole lot more.”

The whole congregation is encouraged to read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5 – 7) during these final 3 weeks of the Epiphany Season. Read it multiple times if possible. This stunning text has inspired St. Francis, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and many, many more. You will meet the brilliance and the challenge of Jesus head on.

The Crab Feast is happening on Saturday, March 5th at 5:00 pm. This annual celebration will provide the high quality meal and Silent Auction you are accustomed too. Robert and Julie Arnone are coordinating if for us this year. Please sign up this Sunday or notify the office. Invite your friends to this delicious evening!

At our Congregational Meeting this past Sunday the Memorial Garden/Columbarium Ministry was given the “go ahead approval”. Research, design proposals, financing will continue and be presented to the congregation when each stage is accomplished.

Mudzunga Farisani and daughters Nzumbu and Ndamu will arrive next week for a visit with their friends at Peace and in the Bay Area. The Farisani family first came to us after father Rev. Tshenu Farisani’s experience of imprisonment and torture and the family’s subsequent banishment into exile from South Africa because they had been such outspoken critics of apartheid. Their presence at Peace launched the Partnership Ministry with Lwamondo Parish in Venda, South Africa. We have exchanged delegations during the past 15 years. Mudzunga has been working with the Education Department of Venda for many years now. This is a great opportunity to renew our friendship and partnership in the Gospel.

The Church Council and Clergy of Peace will be on Retreat this Saturday. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to discern and envision God’s direction for Peace.

Clairdee presented the Premiere Performance of ‘Sing Out – Jazz Vespers’ for Jazz at Peace this past Sunday. It was very well received and has been recorded for our Jazz Church West Celebrates CD. What precious gifts we have received from all these remarkable artists over the years.

Epiphany Blessings, Pr. Steve