Good News, 12.05.2008


Arise shine for your light has come; and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
Behold darkness covers the earth; and thick darkness is over the peoples.
But upon you the Lord shall rise and the glory of the Lord will appear upon you.
No longer will violence be heard in your land; nor ruin or destruction upon your borders. For the Lord will be your everlasting light; and your God will be your glory.  (Isaiah 60)

Be on the lookout for Confirmands prowling around searching for Mentors this Sunday and next.  Remember your response to their question is Yes!

During the month of December the Junior High Youth Group would like to collect cans of food and non-perishable items from the Congregation.  The Youth Group will deliver the cans to the Contra Costa Food Bank.  Dec. 7, 14, and 21.  Thanks for your support of the Junior High Group.

The weeding of our Native Garden was a success and so was the pizza afterwards.  Our thanks to Ro Lo Bianco and the Youth Group for the cleaning up work.  Check it out, it’s beautiful!

Thanks also to Erich Malvre who has restored our two Entrance Signs to first class shape.

The new blue stole and chasuble were designed by Suzanne Halvorson.  She has actually sewn ribbons of steel into the fabric.  Suzanne is adjunt faculty of the Grunewald Guild which was founded by Richard Caemmerer.  To learn more about the Guild visit ArtFaith.

Our purchases of Cambodian crafts specifically helped ensure a future for landmine survivors.  In Cambodia today 45% of the children are malnourished, half of the girls never go to school, 2-3 people step on landmines everyday, and one out of 10 girls is sold into prostitution.  Thank God for Bhavia and friends who are working to bring healing and hope and light.

Please keep in your prayers: Our Confirmands, the Catechumens, families in search of employment, Peace Counseling Center and all whom they serve.

To review our incredible upcoming schedule for Jazz at Peace open up the “Community and Service” section on the navigational bar above and click on “Jazz at Peace” or better yet, just click here!

Who can ever forget our children receiving Scripture and being showered with sweets?!  Such sweetness is coming your way this Advent Season too.

Blessings, Pr. Steve