Good News, 12.01.2010


Fears arise from not knowing ourselves. Fear distorts knowledge of self. What we really should be afraid of is obsessing over ourselves and never getting free of ourselves. Distorted self-knowledge (the result of fear, anxiety, panic, dread) prohibits our awareness of the sun shining at our center. Teresa of Avila

This Saturday is the grand Gingerbread House Making Party. All 38 slots have been filled! Pr. Anita has invited all the members of Peace to drop by and enjoy the amazing vitality of this great Christmas preparing event. All the children… and most of the parents… will be in Seventh Heaven!  Beverages and breakfast goodies of the non-sugar variety will be provided for everyone.

This Sunday our Giving Tree Ornaments will be selected to support families in need who have been benefited by the ministry of Friends Outside. The Spoon Foundation will also receive our encouragement. You will be asked to return the gifts on December 19. Unfortunately it appears that the work of Friends Outside is not receiving essential funding and they will have to close in the beginning of January. Please keep the work of Friends Outside and the families of the incarcerated in your prayers.

Seminarian Emily Weller will be preaching for us this Sunday.

On December 12 we will get to celebrate Santa Lucia in our worship along with a play entitled ‘The First Witnesses’. The cast includes members of Peace and Emily is directing it.

That same evening Inga Swearingen and Anton Schwartz will perform for Jazz at Peace. The tone and clarity, warmth and depth of each of these musicians is astounding. Together they are a pure delight. Don’t deprive yourself by missing one of the holiday’s best gifts. Encourage friends to join you.

Our Jazz Church West Celebrates CD is also available for purchase. This has to be one of the most creative forms of outreach we have ever done. It’s already being sold in New York and Estonia! Make it a Jazzy Christmas for family and friends.

Please keep in your prayers: Keith, Ki, Tom, Randy and DeeAnn, those with HIV/AIDs, those experiencing unemployment, the incarcerated, those with cholera in Haiti, the people of Korea, our friends in Laurel Galan, Nicaragua and Lwamondo Parish in South Africa; pray for the transformation of peace in our hearts, homes, community and among the nations.

Blessed Advent, Pr. Steve

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