Good News, 12.28.2012

Merry Christmas!

After the seas are all crossed, (as they seem already crossed,)
After the great captains and engineers have accomplished their work,
After the noble inventors, after the scientists, the chemist, the geologist, ethnologist,
Finally shall come the poet worthy of that name,
The true son of God shall come singing his songs.
           Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Thanks to all who made our Kids Mass and Christmas Services such a joyful celebration:
Musicians – Gary Sponholtz, Dabbie Bowron, Jeanie Locklear, John and Mary Ellen Nowel.
Singers – Elizabeth Hunter Ashley, Libby Flynn, Bev Harms, Martha Mantei.
Percussionists – John and Noah Ashley and Jack O’Neil.
Angels and Wise Ones – Jack and Ava Grant…..and all the children.
Christmas Tree – Charlene McPherson, Margaret Beeler and the Altar Guild.
Sacristan/Stage Hand – Ed Rethers.
Bulletin production – Libby Flynn.
Clergy – Revs. Margareta and Elizabeth.

See you for the Mask Making Workshop on January 3 and 5 from 9 – 5 pm. It will be so cool!

Happy New Year…….let it be!

Pr. Steve