Good News, 12.19.2012


No Room in the Inn….for times like these:   Into this world, this demented inn, in which there is absolutely no room for Him at all, Christ has come uninvited.  But because He cannot be at home in it, because He is out of place in it – and yet He must be in it, Christ’s place is with those for whom there is no room.  His place is with those who do not belong, who are rejected by power because they are regarded as weak, those who are discredited, those who are denied the status of persons, the eliminated (like children).  Christ is present in this world; mysteriously present with those for whom there seems to be nothing but the world at its worst.  Christ hides himself in those for whom there is no room.

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Christmas Schedule

Christmas EveThe Origin of Christmas – Worship for Children and Families at 5:00 pm;  Candlelight and Communion with special music – 10:00 pm.

Christmas Day:  Feast Day with Communion at 10:00 am.

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The Christmas Choir will be rehearsing after worship on Sunday.  All are invited!

What a blessing it was to share Fiona’s Baptism celebration with 4 Generations of her family.  Keep Fiona, parents Toby and Chris, grandma Charlene and great-grandma Edith in your prayers.  (I think Edith’s Golden Prayer Shawl matches the Roshi’s Golden Bib; and thanks to Fiona and family for initiating our LuBu dialogue!)

Keeping it Real:  Two women in the Danville Community recently contacted me with requests for help.  1) One woman has a child, has been divorced and owns her own home in Greenbrook but is finding the costs prohibitive.   She is hoping to find another single woman with a child or children who might want to share the home.  Please let me know if you have people to recommend.  2) The other woman needs a place to stay.  She can’t afford the typical, first/last/deposit right now but will be able to do so in January.  She is hoping someone might be able to recommend an apartment, mother-in-law or guest house that could be rented in exchange for considerable reduced rent.  She is willing to cook, clean, organize; whatever might be needed.  She is  retired, formally educated, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and is currently living in Walnut Creek.  Again, please let me know if you have any recommendations!

Please be aware that Resources are Available for families with angry or disturbed children.  Too often people cover up and/or receive the social message that they should cover up these profound needs.  But in these last decades we have learned how to address, how to work with and how to heal these painful needs.  Professional resources are available!  If you or family and friends are experiencing deep troubles with children please contact me or other clergy at Peace so you can be connected with appropriate professionals. 

Kathy Wills, artist and friend of Peace, has suffered a family tragedy.  Parker, a son in his twenties, was paralyzed from the waist down after an accident a few weeks ago.  The family medical bills are already far beyond $100,000.   If you would like to contribute to a fund to help defray some of their medical costs you will have the opportunity this Sunday.

Thank you to all who gave through the Giving Tree Gifts and delivered them!  Here is a Story from one of the Shelter, Inc residents.  (More stories are available if you wish to read them.)  Kelsie and her daughter arrived in November.  Two weeks later she shared with me (the Shelter supervisor) that her 14 yr old brother had been homeless and on the streets for the past 4 months.  We told her to go get her brother and bring him to the shelter to live with her.  So we have a 22 year old young mother raising not only her toddler but her brother as well.  Lucas just had his 15th birthday and has been able to attend school regularly since joining his sister.  Kelsie just took her GED test and is expected to pass with excellent scores.  She dreams of being a doctor and wants to enroll in college as soon as possible.  It is amazing to watch Kelsie.  She handles this responsibility of child and brother with grace and a great deal of maturity.

The Fourth Sunday of Advent:  This Sunday we celebrate the Annunciation of Mary, the Magnificat and the joy of Elizabeth and Mary.   On that evening at 5:00 pm there is a special Jazz Church West event with Taylor Eigsti, a superb pianist.  You may enjoy this as a special Christmas Gift to family, friends and yourself.   To download a copy of the flyer for this special event click here

A Mask Making Workshop for the Peace Youth Group and Adults is being presented on January 3 and 5 (from 9 – 5) at Peace.  If you would like to participate and want further details please speak to me.  Fliers are available here and posted in the Gathering Hall.