Good News, 10.22.09


The personal journey into God is simultaneously communal and all-embracing.  This in part is why peope who have gone fairly deeply into the contemplative path, become open and vital people however they may live this out.  In this depthless depth we are caught up in a unity that grounds, affirms and embraces all diversity. – Martin Laird

This Sunday we celebrate the Reformation and the ongoing reforming of the church.  To honor the roots of our tradition the Debt Retirement Committee is providing bratwurst, kraut, wheat buns and mustard and serving apple cider for our Hospitality Hour. They may also put a “jug” on the serving table for donations to the Debt Retirement Fund. The smell of brats cooking while singing A Mighty Fortress is not to be missed!

Sunday, Oct 25— Introducing The Shack. Fact or fiction? … what really happened and why?
Three One-Hour Sessions starting Sunday, October 25 in the Youth/Art Room from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. led by Gil Jardine. You will appreciate the amazing messages it conveys about free-will, the human condition, evil, pain suffering, depression, compassion and ultimately redemption.  Join us.

And Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm Peace is once again hosting the Holy Convergence.  This is the 5th year for our Annual Interfaith Festival which is sponsored by I-SRV.  This year we’ll have a simple Prayer Service with a variety of contributions from the participants followed by a Potluck Reception.  Spread the word and join in.

Our thanks again to Tom and Hannah Grossman, the Committee and all who participated in making our St. Francis Animal Blessing Festival such a success.  We raised $3,155 and will receive some Matching Funds from Thrivent Financial.  And the best part is all of the Community Connections that were made.  There were many moments of ministry throughout the afternoon and guests were genuinely moved by the care they and their pets received.  Well done!

We will have a ‘Show or No Spaghetti Dinner’ on Saturday, November 7 at 6:00 PM.  Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and Susanna’s famous brownies for those that choose to show, or a free night to do with as you wish for the no shows.  $20 per adult, $15 per child 12 and under (4 and under are free).  During dessert Bev and Pr. Steve will share highlights from their journey to Israel.  Contact Raddi El Mogazi after church or by email ([email protected]) to buy your ticket and reserve your place.  Sign up your friends and bring a bottle of your favorite wine.”

Core Values: Critical Issues event on “Fighting Poverty with Faith – Good Jobs, Green Jobs,” has been set for Sunday, November 22.  It will still be 5:00 p.m. at Peace Lutheran Church, 3201 Camino Tassajara in Danville, and will include a potluck dinner and speaker and panel discussion.  This event is being co-sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Interfaith Council of CCC.

Please keep in your prayers: Diane Slater on the death of her mother Joyce Gibson, Pr. Anita on the death of her mother, Roy Archuleta, Denise, Sue Shimansky, Mohammed, Rich Collins, Genevieve, Corrine, the unemployed and all in need of healing.

Our thanks to the Healing Prayer Team for the wonderful Healing Prayer Service this past Sunday.

Need Meeting connections for friends dealing with substance abuse?  AA meets at Peace on Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings; NA (narcotics) meets at Peace on Tuesday evenings; FA (Food Anonymous) meets at Peace on Wednesday evenings.

Congratulations to Margaret Beeler’s father Ted who was named one of the most Influential People in the history of Valparaiso University in Indiana.  Valparaiso (a Lutheran University) has consistently been named the best of mid-sized universities in the Midwest.  Talk with Margaret for details.  Next time Ted worships with us you can congratulate him as well.

Thanks to those who contributed to our special offering to support Bread for the World.  We raised the $250 necessary to continue as a Covenant Church of Bread for the World.

One stop shopping:  You asked for the best and we will provide it!  Starting in November you will have the finest Nicaraguan items available in our Mercado following worship as well as the Beads for Life which Pr. Anita provided last year.  And as promised – the flavorful honey from the Monastery will meet your sweetest needs.

Blessings, Pr. Steve