Good News, 10.07.10


Preach at all times; when necessary use words.  –  St. Francis of Assisi

What a joyous day we shared Sunday with worship, Pet Festival and Animal Blessings!   So easy to be with one another, so many sharing in the work and preparation, such gladness of heart among those who attended,  the joy of the animals, the graciousness of knowing we get to be part of such a loving, beautiful experience.  Thanks to the many who helped create this amazing day, who made this ministry real to the larger community and who made St. Francis proud!

Small and Tall Family Service: This Sunday we will celebrate the children in our congregation.  We will have this service 3 times during  the church year.  It is so important to raise up their importance among us and encourage their faith…….as well as their parents!   Come anticipating much joy!  Grandparents, feel free to bring as many little ones with you as you can.

10 people participated in the Tiger’s Breath Chi Kung workshop this past Saturday with Kaleo and Elise Ching.  There are so many aspects of being human to explore and understand.  We are blessed to have so many resourceful people – including Bruce Silverman and the Dream Class – sharing their gifts with us.  More to come.

The Confirmation Class is forming and soon you will get to meet these young people.  Please keep them in your prayers during this next year of faith discovery and exploration.

This Sunday launches our 6th Season of Jazz at Peace. The astounding John Calloway and his Afro-Latin All Stars will be playing.  Percussionist John Santos joins this unique septet.  These performers have international reputations, teach at universities, advise the Music Department of the Smithsonian –  and will delight your hearts.  If there is too much happiness and joy in your lives be sure to avoid this.  Otherwise, come and honor these great artists who “just love to play at Peace”!

…..and as Rev. Amandus Derr of St. Peter’s Lutheran in Manhattan wrote to us:  As we celebrate 45 years of jazz ministry here, it is my pleasure, on behalf of the people of St. Peter’s Church, to recognize Peace as our partner in Jazz Ministry in the Bay Area.  I hope that, over the years a strong partnership will develop between us and enable us to better praise God and serve all whom God loves.

Blessings, Pr. Steve