Good News, 10.01.10


It was simple when Francis thought about it now:  you find what you bring with you in your heart.  Love comes to those who have Love already.  God has first loved us and that gift is ours before we ever set out to find it.  Maybe that’s the unfolding secret of prayer:  often Francis didn’t understand the words he used in his own prayers, sometimes words just spilled out; but in time the meaning would come clear…so prayer was a discovery of the Spirit already in his heart. – from Francis: The Journey and the Dream

At last it arrives – the great St. Francis Animal Blessing and Pet Festival!  All manner of furry, four-legged, fishy and feathery creatures are joining the humanoids this Sunday from Noon – 3 pm.  The Committee has worked energetically:   Gift Baskets are arriving, blessing medallions are prepared, Rescue and Therapy animals will be here, pet resources are ready, the 4-H will be present with petting animals, tasty food will be served, publicity has gone out – now all we need is you to invite your friends to join you for this wonderful annual celebration.  When else do friends howl with sheer joy at the presence of your company?   We will join with them and St. Francis in praising God for the gift and redemption of the whole creation!

Kaleo Ching invites you to join him for the Tiger’s Breath Chi Kung Workshop this Saturday from 9:30 – Noon.  As Kaleo shared this past Sunday, “Chi Kung is a form of prayer.”  Come and enjoy the flow of your chi/energy.  It will rejuvenate you through these simple and special gifts.

The Confirmation Class began this past Sunday.  New connections between Confirmands and parents and the vitality of our faith begin to emerge already.  Keep these youth and families in your prayers.

On the morning of October 10 we will have our next Small and Tall Family Service.  These worship services are especially designed for our children and families.  We will have several Small and Tall Services throughout the year.

The evening of October 10 Jazz at Peace begins with John Calloway and his Afro-Latin All Stars. This will be pure delight!  John Santos, percussionist extraordinaire will be part of the Septet.  (The first time we’ve had a septet playing for [email protected]   If you want to make your heart happier be sure to join in and experience incredible improvisational creativity.

Sue Field reports that Diane Sangster, flutist, who has played at Peace on several occasions was selected to take part in a Master Class at the San Francisco International Flute Festival. She is one of 12 performers to be chosen and the Master Class will be given by Matej Zupan. The Festival is on October 12th and will also feature performances by Tim Day, of the SF Symphony and Viviana Guzman.  Brava Diane!

The Memorial Garden Committee will be meeting with Richard Caemmerer next week to research design ideas.

Greening Committee recommendation:  Grace and Karl attended a presentation on Medicinal Herbs at Sunset Nursery (  Kim offers this class together with an herbologist about once a month or whenever there are enough signups.  They present an extensive list of herbs and plants that grow in our climate and their medicinal indications.  (Unfortunately, it’s always on Sunday mornings, so with permission you might get a special dispensation to participate!)

I hope you have picked up your copy of the New Directory.  If not, several copies remain.

The Hidaya Foundation has sent their gratitude for the gifts received from Peace Members to support the Pakistani people whose lives have been devastated by the flood.  This flood has wreaked more damage than the crises of Katrina and Haiti combined.

Keep in your prayers: Joyce El Mogazi,  Randy and DeeAnn Cadonau, Matthew Pontious, Jack Davis, Friends Outside, the unemployed, those contemplating suicide and those working to prevent it, the impoverished, the Millennium Campaign.

At the Millennium Summit in 2000, 189 Heads of State adopted and committed themselves to 8 Millennium Development Goals, placing people-centered development at the heart of global, national and local agendas.  The Goals are:

1 – Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2 – Ensure that all boys and girls complete primary school
3 – Promote gender equality and empower women
4 – Reduce by 2/3 the mortality rate among children under five
5 – Reduce by ¾ the ratio of women dying in childbirth
6 – Halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS and incidence of malaria and other major diseases
7 – Ensure environmental sustainability
8 – Develop a global partnership for development.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve