Good News 10.10.12

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,                  

            Do you remember sitting in science classes and discussing which of the natural forces on earth is the strongest?  Is it gravity?   magnetic?  electromagnetic?   molecular bonding?  or nuclear binding?  It is a puzzle!  How about “none of the above”?  Christians have a different answer–It is: God’s unconditional love, called GRACE– the power that persuades the human heart to surrender!

            Many years ago on television, I saw a show about human-looking aliens that came to earth intending to kidnap human specimens to take back to their planet.  By the end of the show though, all of the aliens had fallen “in love” with earthlings.  They were “stuck” on their lovers and could not return to their planet.  All of their technology for intergalactic space travel could not compete with the power of love to capture another human being.  (It was a fun and memorable show!)

            As Christians, we believe that all love comes from God.  Because we are made in the image of God, we are able to reveal the vitality of God’s love to one another through the things we say and do.  And then, when we gather together as a community in Christ and ALL of us are energized by loving compassion for others and a passion for our neighborhood, God has an extraordinarily powerful “magnet” to attract others! 

            I saw a powerful magnet in action last Sunday afternoon as people brought dogs, cats and other beloved critters to be blessed.  Friends from the community and from near-by homes came to Peace and found friendly people, displays, adoptable pets, food, music and a silent auction.  But they were drawn here by the desire to have their pets blessed by someone who would invoke God’s name on behalf of their beloved “Jake” in a prayer for long life and health and happiness.  They may not have known much about faith or God or Christ but they wanted the blessing!  In addition, three different families asked me about attending worship at Peace. 

            Through the “Blessing of the Animals,” Peace Lutheran was a beacon for Christ’s love–a magnet for those who hunger and thirst for the food that Jesus gives!  Isn’t that what being Church is all about?  Isn’t it about being a community of lovers-in-Christ who eagerly invite others to know the One who heals wounded persons, binds up broken hearts and unites fractured neighborhoods? 

             I want to thank everyone who participated in last Sunday’s event!  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  In fact, I felt privileged to be there and to participate in offering Christ’s loving hospitality to others!

            Pastor Mary Ann

Peace Sunday Service Calendar for October and November: 

October 21          Healing Prayer Sunday Service
October 28          Reformation Sunday (wear red)  Stay tuned for some great Delegation stories
November 4        All Saints Day Sunday Service
November 11      Bread for the World Sunday Service
November 18      Consecration/Stewardship Sunday Service
November 21      Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at Beth Chaim
November 22      Thanksgiving Day (no service)
November 25      Christ the King Sunday Service