Good News, 09.23.10


Poor children (like all children) long for their voice to be heard – but many sense that there is no one in the world to hear their words, so they are drawn to ways of malice.  If they cannot sing, they scream.  They are vessels of the spirit but the spirit sometimes is entombed;  if the spirit can’t get out, they may smash it! – Juan Batista Castro, poet

I trust you are appreciating your new copy of the Directory.  If you’ve not gotten yours be sure to pick one up this Sunday.

Homecoming Sunday was a lively celebration.  All the Announcements remind us of the variety of commitments and ministries within Peace.

The St. Francis Animal Blessing and Pet Festival is upon us.  It is happening on October 3rd. If you can assist in any way be sure to speak with Tom Grossman this Sunday.  (The “petrified car tires” and brief experiences Tom shared from his Search Operation  work in San Bruno were very powerful.  Be thankful for the diverse skills and callings exercised on our behalf and for the Common Good.)

The Seminarian Committee who meets monthly with Emily Weller is off to a great start.  Much vitality, experience and depth of faith to share with her in her theological/spiritual formation.   If you wish to learn more about how the Committee works, please speak with Chair Karl Pfeiffer.

We have quite a contingent from Peace forming for the WELCA Women’s Retreat at Asilomar in November.  Should be a great event.  Speak with Lois McGee about details.

PLTS Founder’s Day:  You are invited to the seminary to hear Dr. H. Paul Santmirel speak about Ecology, Theology and the Church – A Liturgical Manifesto on Wednesday, September 29.  The day begins at 9:30 and lunch is available.  Karl Pfeiffer is willing to drive/carpool with 5 more people.  See the brochure on the Kiosk.

The Archives Committee has become vigorous in its intentions, planning and reorganizing.  You will begin to witness the fruits of their labors more and more.

A Mom’s Group is forming and ministry to Families with Middle Schoolers is evolving.  Speak with Judy Warner and/or Jeanne Kaplan if you are interested.  Look for the Contact Sheet on the Kiosk too.

The Greening Committee is advancing the cause to pursue Solar Panels for our church.  More details to come.

Chi Kung Master Kaleo Ching will lead a Tiger’s Breath Chi Kung Workshop on Saturday, October 2 from 9:30 – Noon.  You will get to learn and experience how the healing Chi/Energy flow works within you.  Simple and profound.  See the flyer in the Gathering Hall.   It was a joy for 15-20 members to work with ‘opening themselves’ for worship this past Sunday.  Perhaps we should begin this way in the Courtyard every week.

If you are a Thrivent Member please feel free to direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Peace.  This can be done online quite easily.

Small and Tall – Family Service: Our next family service – with special emphasis on the children – will be celebrated on October 10!

Jazz at Peace begins on October 10 with John Calloway and his Septet of Afro-Latin All Stars.  Special Guest John Santos, percussionist extraordinaire, will join him too.  Peace has recently been designated the official “West Coast Site for Jazz Vespers” by St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (“The Jazz Church”) in New York City.  See the letter posted on our Kiosk.  We will begin to do more bi-coastal work together. An updated schedule for Jazz at Peace, 2010-2011 can now be found here.

All Nite Soul: Please reserve October 31 for a unique 5-9pm Jazz Jam Special.  Since it is Halloween you may come in costume if you desire.  More details to come.

Blessings, Pr. Steve


A Pathetic Plea from Pr. Anita…..

On Saturday, October 9 beginning at 8:30 a.m., Dana and I will be having a garage sale at our home and we need help! If you would be willing to help out for a couple hours that day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., or if you have some time on Tuesday, October 5 to help me price the items, please drop me an email at [email protected] Thank you!