Good News, 09.09.2011


“You are God’s work of art!”  (Ephesians 2);  and “If we only knew what we were receiving in the Eucharist we would leave the Table dancing!”  (Marty Luther)

What a splendid celebration we had with Gerry Grosz and his Jazz Kitchen.  Gerry composed 2 new pieces just for our worship.  He told me afterwards, “I love this place; it  inspires me every time I come here.”  Gerry has composed new pieces for Jazz at Peace, the Hope for Japan Benefit Concert presented by A Pair of Jeans, and now for our worship as well.  Meditating, dancing, powerful Children’s Time, gracious Communion, nurturing the Heart – the gift of Spirit and worship.  Our thanks to the Jazz at Peace/Jazz Church West Team for bringing the Jazz Kitchen to worship and to Pr. Margareta for the Jam in the Cross!

President Pat Leong announced last Sunday that the congregation has decided to move our worship time to 9:30 am beginning Homecoming Sunday on September 18.  The Council and Clergy see this change as a pivot point for Peace to establish a solid education component for both Adult Education and Sunday SchoolMultiple adult classes can be offered from 11:10 – 11:50.  You will be asked for topics that you want to engage.  Members of Peace will be asked to share their expertise in classes.  The 4th Sundays of each month will be the time for our Committees to meet and organize our ministries.  The Sunday School Staff would like to have 6 teachers/assistants in their pool.  Pr. Anita is coordinating this.  Training is provided.  Commit yourself to Life Long Learning! (Those in the Bible 365 Class know the joy of faith strengthened and deepened.)  Let’s offer our children and adults the best Spiritual Formation possible!  And all will continue to enjoy our delectable Hospitality Time in between worship and education.

The Holy Convergence – our 7th Annual Interfaith Festival – is celebrated on Sunday, September 18 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.  It is sponsored by I-SRV (Interfaith – San Ramon Valley) and is hosted by Peace Lutheran.  We will explore the themes our Earth/Faith/Food CSA provides.  The Orpheus Ensemble will drum, Devotional Singers from the MA Center will chant, and  Chi Kung Master Kaleo Ching will ground us.  There will be prayer, panelists, information booths from participating congregations and plenty of Organic Food.  This is a blessed and relaxed opportunity for new connections and insights.   Spread the word – invite friends to join you.  Experience the feel of the global spiritual community! To download the flier for Holy Convergence in PDF format click here.

And as long as you’re downloading fliers, how about downloading and sharing this one for October 2’s St. Francis Blessin of the Animals Pet Festival!

Please keep in your prayers:  Lois McGee, Nancy, Julie and George, Jeanne and Pete, Erica, Dwane Michael, Kersti Malvre, Toby and Chris, April and Matt, the Healing Prayer Team, for the release and delight of the creative energy/gifts given each of us, the Altemus family, the family of Betty Duffy, Pete Yellin, the people of East Africa dying of famine and drought, political prisoners.

Taize Contemplative Prayer:  The Healing Prayer team will be sponsoring a Taize Prayer Service on the 4th Friday of each month at 7:00 pm beginning on September 23.  It is a beautiful and simple service composed of repetitive chants, brief scripture, a period of silent prayer and the opportunity to pray around the cross.  It is a Centering Experience which allows us to be and pray in the stillness of the Spirit.  Taize began in southern France several decades ago.  Peace has periodically offered this service.  Rev. Lucy Kolin of Resurrection Lutheran in Oakland will lead Taize with her music.  Prayers for peace and reconciliation in our lives and world shape the flow of this healing service.  Friday evenings initially seem an odd time but the truth is Taize graciously concludes our week and brings energy for the weekend.  Some years ago a member of Peace named Casey Barton said:  Taize is like soaking in 3 hot tubs simultaneously.  Find out for yourself.  This is a gift to the larger community – invite your friends.  Enjoy the silence, the quiet, the calm:  Be still and know I am God.

The Healing Prayer Team will resume healing prayer during Communion at Sunday worship in the near future.

What do you think:  The Choir from Centerpointe Presbyterian, Gary Sponholtz, the 7 A’s, Pr. Elizabeth preaching/presiding, Emily and Dan’s Wedding, Amar and Sybomar Khalsa and Sikh Chants, the birth of Margo El Mogazi, Pilgrimage Sunday on the Labyrinth with Jeanie Locklear and Trio con Brio, Reggae Love Fest, Mark Miller’s Deficit Crisis Presentation, Gerry and the Jazz Kitchen…….though deaths and heavy times are upon us, it has still been a blessed summer.  Thank God for our communion and community.

Keep Jammin!

Pr. Steve