Good News, 08.18.2011


Make us worthy, Lord to serve others throughout the world who live and die in poverty or hunger.  Give them, through our hands, this day their daily bread; and by our understanding give them love, peace and joy. – Mother Teresa

It was a marvelous joy to celebrate the Wedding of Emily and Dan Trubey-Weller last Saturday.  Such a blessing to have so many Peace People present to share in the Eucharistic Feast of Love.

Please keep the family of Ki Altemus in your prayers as they and we mourn her death.  Ki was a long time member of Peace and her Memorial Service will be at Piedmont Gardens in Oakland on Sunday, August 28 at 2:30 pm.  Carpool arrangements can be made for any who would like to attend.

This Sunday our Sikh friends Amar and Sybomar Khalsa will share the music of Sanskrit Chant with us.  Always a gift to have them return to Peace.  This music will lovingly open your heart.

On these next two Sundays Council will ask for your decision regarding our proposal to change our Worship time to 9:30 am and Sunday School/Adult Education to 11:10 with our Hospitality Time from 10:45 – 11:10.

The Pet Festival Committee will have a  short 10-15 minute meeting after worship this Sunday. A brief review of where we are and some additional assignments will compose our agenda.  Please speak with Greg Grebe if you are willing to assist.

The Reggae Love Fest is only 10 days away on August 28 (from 4 – 7 pm).  This is a gift a gift to the larger community to remind them that relaxing and enjoying music and the company of good friends are gifts of God too.  10 couples from Peace and two individuals have signed up as Sponsors for this event, raising over $1,000.  If 4 or 5 more of you wish to honor the love of your life with the gift of $100 it would be graciously accepted. (This helps defray the cost of our 10 piece band Native Elements).  All should know that Dana and Joan Squire have gone over the top by giving $130 in honor of their 13 years of marriage!  Spread the word – there will be burgers, dogs, organic food and a tantalizing Caribbean Drink  for the occasion.   If you would like to assist with mental or muscle work for the day, please speak with Carol Barake or Robert and Julie Arnone.  “Keep it cool, Mon!”

Our thanks to Mark Miller for his excellent presentation on the US Deficit Crisis:  Facts, Fallacies and Fixes.  Copies of his materials are available.  A few people have requested that he offer this again.  I will let you know if this can happen.

Please keep in your prayers:  Ron, Ralph, Margo, Lillian Bob, Sheila, Joan, April and Janelle, those living with addictions;  Parkinson’s; the people starving in East Africa.

I was musing on the variety of music and musicians which Peace has hosted over the years.  What pure delight:  the Guest Classical Artists (young and old) whom Sue Field has brought our way; Amazonian flute (and dancers); Classical Persian Concerts; Shakuhachi Flute;  Israeli songs and dance; a Tympanie concert;  Drumming celebrations; Japanese Koto; Jazz –(Latin, orchestral, Innovative).  We are blessed!  (Please remind me of others you have enjoyed and I have not included.)

The movie I mentioned last Sunday was Babette’s Feast. Outstanding and well worth watching.
[Website Admin’s (Anita) note: Babette’s Feast is Pr. Anita’s favorite movie of ALL time!]

Blessings, Pr. Steve