Good News, 07.24.09


I am an old man now and have had a great many problems.  Most of them never happened.  Mark Twain

This Sunday our College Confirmands will be confirmed:  Danika O’Neill, Zachary O’Neill and Clark Huddleston.  We will receive the musical gifts of Maya and Jeff Bohnhoff for this special celebration.  They will move you.  Please keep the Confirmands in your prayers during their final preparations at the Retreat this weekend.

Our Nicaraguan Delegation has returned safely.  They will share some stories with us in worship on August 2.  Anticipate great things.

The Rock Harbor Fellowship Dance Troupe was just amazing – no wonder they received a standing ovation for their interpretive dance “Lamb of God”.  And some of their members are heading to Nicaragua so it was a fortunate overlap that they could converse with our freshly returned delegation.  Special thanks to Marshele Wilburn and Bob McNair for making all the arrangements.

We are having a positive response to the Chorus Request/Rehearsal for Thursday, July 30 at 7:30 pm. Achi ben Shalom will be present for the rehearsal (along with Jean and Jeanie) to assist us in preparation for Sunday, August 9.  I have no doubt you will enjoy the Israeli songs and music for the day. Please join us for the rehearsal and invite friends to worship with you.  Friends from the Interfaith Worship Visits Pilot Project will be with us that day too.

Our thanks to Rich Collins for getting all the exterior lighting working again!

Sue Field sends greetings from Paris.

Martha Mantei sends thanks for all the prayers. Her hip has been healing rapidly.  She appreciates all the love and prayers.  She hopes to see many of you at the rehearsal with Achi next Thursday.

Heritage Hospitality continues:  if peanut butter and pickles isn’t your thing, then come to church for carrot cake!

Blessings, Pr. Steve