Good News, 07.02.09


“Unless we loose ourselves in every moment, every moment will be lost on us.”  C. S. Lewis

What a joyous event was celebrated last Sunday with our Partnership Concert and Feast.  Great performers, fine poetry, wonderful stories shared.  This Sunday we will bless our Delegation as they prepare to depart on their journey this Monday.  Thanks to Sue Field for her coordinating all the artists and arranging the program.

Heritage Hospitality:  Bring a cherished treat from your family tradition for Hospitality Hour during the summer.  Share your Family Story with us too.  Talk to Pr. Anita about your contribution.

The College Age Spiritual Formation group has begun.  Fascinating people and topics to explore.

Native Garden Pathway: Want to assist Ro after worship on Sunday?  It will build your muscles as you beautify the Earth.

Special Guests:  “Lamb of God” is a dance created by youth members of Rock Harbor Fellowship in San Pablo.  They will share this dance with us in worship on July 19.  Please encourage friends to join you for the day to receive this wonderful gift and honor our friends.

The Memorial Service for Phil Hellsten was a creative and joyous occasion.  Peace was packed with friends and artists from the community.  Please keep Phyllis and Nancy Hellsten in your prayers.  The Danville Weekly is carrying this story on their online front page.  Check out this link for more info or go directly to the article.

Photos of Peace Events and Worship:  Be sure to check out our web page anytime you want to see photos of what’s been happening at Peace.  Pr. Anita and other Peace Photographers will keep you in the know and on the scene. The photos are archived on the Peace Lutheran Church Flickr page.

Blessings, Pr. Steve