Good News, 07.14.2011


I was passionate, filled with longing, I searched far and wide.  But the day that the Truthful One found me…I was at home. –  Lal Ded, Women in Praise of the Sacred)

A Mom’s Prayer: Thank you for my children.  For their drawings of flowers, houses, horses and cats…they are such a grace to me – such unbounded amazement. Should I be happy or terrified that they trust me so much?  I will be happy and I will enjoy them!
Help me to be aware and care and not forsake this precious responsibility.

A Child’s Prayer: Thank you, God for mom – she gave me my first experience of you.  Long before any language I lived in an ocean of motherly love. Later on she became different and I discovered she was different from me…and that seemed scary.   We were never totally One again nor did we want the same things all the time.   Maybe it was then I realized that you and I were different too, God.   I don’t believe you and mom are scary any more….though it was fun when we were One. Thank you, God, that ordinary people can point to you and reveal your love.  Thank you for mom.

A Grandmother’s Prayer: God make me a good grandma.  Help me be there when I am needed but not to interfere.   Help me know how to encourage without criticizing, to support without blaming.  Make me gentle, warm and grateful when I spend time with my grandchild – my precious gift.

Take a Hike! The next SUMMER EVENT will be a Joaquin Miller Park [note location change]  hike on July 24, starting at 2 pm. Our own Jane Powell, an experienced hiker, will lead the hike.  Dogs and kids are welcome.  Joaquin Miller Park is about 30 minutes from Peace off Highway 13. Check out the official park website here.

Emily Weller and Dan Trubey invite all the members of Peace to their Wedding at Peace on August 13 at 4:00 pm. You know this will be a joyous occasion!

Condolences to Steve Peterson on the death of his mother.  May the gifts of her life and love continue to bless those who shared her life.

The Healing Prayer Team is exploring the possibility of renewing Taize Prayer services at Peace in the Fall.

The Family Camp is coming up the first week of August.   Lots of details to come.

The Reggae Love Fest has already raised $300 to help pay the musicians their due.  The 10 piece band Native Elements will delight you to no end.  This Honeymoon Gift to Dan and Emily and in honor of all the loving couples at Peace will be held on August 28 from 4 – 7 pm.  Please invite your friends to enjoy this funky, marvelous occasion with you….(and this Sunday we will have to find out how long Dana and Joan Squire have actually been married!)

Thanks for all of Mom’s Prayers: God, when I was young mom taught me how to pray….and many more things too.  Now she is older and her days are not as easy.  Now it is my turn to pray for her.  Thank you, God  for all her prayers.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve