Good News, 07.03.2013


“Love alone unites without destroying, the fusion that brings not death but life – is only that of love….and yet we still don’t believe it, despite all our experiences of love!” Ernesto Cardenal

The Fruits of the Spirit are patience, kindness, generosity, etc.  Or as Noah made clear last Sunday – get all the fruits you can and make a run for it!  What a teacher!!

Welcome to our new member Nette Ronnow and all the new friends – Mary, Briggett, Thais, Bob and Ruth – at Peace.  God’s rich blessings always.

Pr. Ruth Lesher and Seminarian John Brett will be preaching and presiding at our services throughout July while I am on vacation.  Chaplain Dwane Michael will cover emergencies.

Sad news: John McVicar a long time member of Peace has died.  His Memorial Service will be next Wednesday at Hull’s Funeral Home.  Strength and peace to Bonnie, John and Patricia who all grew up within our congregation.

A Letter from Mudzunga Farisani:

Oh, we really enjoyed the time we spent at Peace Lutheran Church. It was great meeting both new and old friends. We had a lot of memories about the time we spent there in the past.   And what a well organized meeting for Ndamu at a very short notice!  Every bit of it evinces excellent planning, but the offers; oh they’re so humbling and there are not enough words available to express our gratitude. All we can say is; long live and may the good Lord bless you richly. UBUNTU!!

Partnership has taught me a lot of things. I have learnt that relatives are not only blood; some come in the form of friends. We are more than blood relatives. When we arrived at Peace were welcomed as if we were at home. The warmth and generosity felt as if we were surrounded by family and not just close friends and for that we are truly grateful; grateful to God, to you and the rest of our family at Peace Lutheran. We were treated in way that will linger in our memories.

When the partnership began between our churches; I do not think any of us imagined that it would become what it is today. A partnership built on trust, UBUNTU and love together we have overcome apartheid and today as I write you from a free South Africa, I do so remembering the sacrifices that were made by you and your church for a family of exile. With this letter I say thank you. Thank you, for allowing God to use you for our benefit. Not only in the time of apartheid but our recent visit reminded us of this great partnership which was formed in the late eighties. A partnership which became a friendship, a friendship that became an internal bond that binds families together.

I would also like to convey words of appreciation from Beuster Congregation for your continued support towards the rebuilding of the church. I just spoke to the church elder Dr. Livhuwani Nemathaga who told me that the wired $1,000. has arrived and she has no words to thank you. She told me that she will be writing you a letter of appreciation soon; electricity is down where she is right now.

We managed to take the two sage incense sticks on the flight. Ndamu was a very good ambassador and she managed to convince the airport people about the importance of taking the two sticks with to our church at Beuster.

We have really come a long way together and we have seen God in action all the way. Let the name of God be praised.
Our love to you, to our Peace family and to those who are still going to become members of Peace/Mulalo.

Mulalo!!! Peace!!!!

Your sister in Christ
Mudzunga Farisani

Pr. Steve