Good News, 06.17.10


Truth is the ‘light’ by which to find your way out of darkness.  Turn it on!

Congratulations to: our Graduates – Alexi Griesbach and Elisabeth Pfeiffer on graduating from high school; to Katherine Beeler on her college graduation; to Ro Lo Bianco and receiving his Master’s Degree in Wildlife Biology; and to Marco Garzon on passing the Bar Exam.  Well done all!

Blessings to Tim and Ting Spengler who will be married this weekend in Yosemite.  I am glad for them and that they have asked me to preside in one of nature’s finest cathedrals.

The Partnership Committee will meet after worship this Sunday, June 20th.  In addition the Pet Festival Planning Committee will also be meeting simultaneously after worship.  We love to provide you with choices.

The Jazz at Peace 5th Season Finale was so fine.   It is simply quite stunning what fine creations are presented in our sanctuary.  For Father’s Day we’ll have a 2 for 1 Special on our remaining Jazz items:  t-shirts, mugs and CDs.   Help out Dad and Jazz at the same time.  (The 45th Anniversary of the Jazz Vespers is on October 31.  Look for a major celebration – All Nite Soul – then.)

There are many people in need of your prayers: Pat Huseby,  Nancy and Paul Rivinius/Eickberg on the death of son Richard, Matthew Pontious; Derek Ellingson (age 13) and Brooke Ellingston (8) on the death of their parents; Elizabeth and Curt; Doug; Susan Crane; Randy and DeeAnn; Jerry Slater; the Rippon family on the death of brother Bruce; Judy, those living with addictions; the unemployed; Sheila, Taylor.  God knows what we really need.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

A couple years ago Everett Sylwanowicz bet me the sun would shine on our Peace Mosaic at the Summer Solstice.  I thought this impossible because of the angle of the church…… He won the bet.  June 21 is the Summer Solstice so why not walk the Labyrinth before or after worship this Sunday and enjoy the sunshine on the Mosaic.  It’s a delight to see so many different community people walking the Labyrinth during the week.  The world is always turning – may it keep turning toward the Light.

Blessings, Pr. Steve