Good News, 06.26.2013


Do not feel ashamed of being human, be proud – breathe and bear your dignity!
Inside of you, vault upon vault is opening up – into eternity.
You will never be ready – and that is as it should be.”
(“This the angel whispered to me”….Tomas Tranströmer, Nobel Poet Laureate)

What a worship experience with Gary and Stefan Säfsten!  The double pianos were so enriching and the singing especially good!  Aren’t you glad we have Jeanie and Dabbie, John and Noah and our evolving Percussion Band!  What gifts to revel in.  Stefan has composed a Suite entitled “The Way Chose You” [Vägen valde dig] which is based on the spiritual journal of Dag Hammarskjöld (the first UN Secretary General who was a Swede) entitled Markings.  We hope that it will tour in the Bay Area and other parts of the US in the Spring of 2014.

Our thanks to Lena Säfsten for her report on Spoon Jackson (the poet who inspired Stefan’s composition ‘Words of Realness’ which was performed at Peace, New Folsom Prison and San Quentin a couple years ago).  It appears Spoon will soon be transferred to another prison.  Please keep prisoners, the guilty and the innocent, in your prayers.

Peace and Prison Internship:  PLTS Seminary has approved our sharing in the supervision of Seminary Intern Brock Kolbe who will begin working ½ time at Peace and ½ time at the Federal Prison in Dublin in September.  Our Justice Advocacy Committee is working on creating a Prison Visitation Ministry as well.

We get to keep our Seminarian John Brett until September – and we are glad.  John gave a fine homily this past Sunday!

Dabbie suggested we could all buy Google Glasses and wear them to worship (I think I got that right) or else continue to support the Website Development Project which is evolving well.   Either way we will land solidly in the 21st Century!

This Sunday we will get to see and learn about the New Masks – creative gifts of divine inspiration emerging from the two Mask Making Workshop days (this last and upcoming Saturdays).  The discovery process and reflections to be shared are always intriguing!

Beuster Church:  The gift of $1,000 was sent to our Partners in Venda, South Africa for the construction of the new church at Beuster.  Thanks to all who contributed.

120th Jazz Party! Our thanks to Jan and Margareta for hosting an incredible Jazz Celebration this past Sunday with violinist Mads Tolling!  It was a full house, the music was stellar – and what an incredible group of musicians.   We enjoyed guests in attendance who literally came from around the world:  Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, Afghanistan, Germany, India and England not to mention Iowa, Florida and New York – and by no means were they all related to the Johanssons!  A delicious Reception followed.  The whole evening pulsed with the energy, delight and gratitude of being alive.  What an amazing planetary celebration we shared.

“The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit.
Look through that microscope and you will become oceanic.”


Blessings,  Pr. Steve