Good News, 06.09.2011


To polish is to work the exterior until the interior luster shines.  You need not polish the whole world.  Simply polish the corner where you live until it is clear and shines! Therefore, polish your mind and understanding with Bible 365 and adult education; polish your soul with the sacraments; polish your children’s baptismal spirit with Sunday School; polish your spirit with joy in Spiritual Direction; polish the gift of life with justice and grace.

Congratulations to our Confirmands: Ayanda Mkhize, Kylie McCann, Jordan Turner and Mackenzie McCloy-Dobson!   You are wonderful young women and we are grateful for your faith and witness.

Pr. Margareta was surprised and delighted with the celebration of her 30th Ordination Anniversary.  Her thanks for all your prayers.  May her gifts of pastoral care, Spiritual Direction, Healing Prayer, Eco-theology and Small and Tall Worship continue to bless Peace, the global church and her!

We are thankful for the Teaching Parish work of Seminarian Emily Weller who officially concluded her work at Peace this past Sunday and we are grateful for the Peace Seminarian Committee (Karl Pfeiffer, Chair; Bobbi Jardine, Gun Johnston, Alessandra Kath, Juleen Ricci, Amy Garzon and Michael Valenta) that worked with her.  We are also glad that Emily and Dan Trubey will be married at Peace on August 13 – the whole congregation is invited – and that we can throw them a Reggae Party on the return from their honeymoon.   May your preparations for Ordained Ministry be sustained and blessed by the Spirit, Emily!

Summer Celebration Schedule:

Bocce Picnic — Father’s Day– June 19  — Sycamore Valley Park, 2101 Holbrook Drive Danville, CA 94526. Picnic & Bocce games start after Church service.  Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and drinks will be provided!    Please see the sign-up sheet in gathering hall.   There is also a separate sign-up if you would like to share a side-dish, salad, or dessert.  For additional information contact Christine Johansson at [email protected]

Take a Hike! On July 24  you are invited to trek…, make that enjoy a wonderful hike on beautiful Mt. Diablo – the most amazing hidden treasure we see – and don’t see – every day.  Though it is in full view, many people are unaware of its lovely magnificence.  Join us for a stroll and picnic with friends.

Family Camp: This year we will replace our Vacation Bible School experience with a Family Camp from August 1 – 3.
We will gather in the late afternoons/early evenings for fun intergenerational activities with kids of all ages, parents and grandparents.  Details to come.

Reggae Love Fest: In the Dog Days of summer on Sunday, August 28 at 4:00 pm Natural Elements (a 10 piece Reggae Band) will perform on the lawns of Peace.  This began as a Honeymoon Gift to Seminarian Emily Weller and fiancée Dan Trubey….and now it is evolving into an Anniversary Celebration Party for all Peace members.  Gifts in honor of your anniversary are welcomed….$10 for each year of bliss…..up to $100 ensures your name in the program and a great seat!  Invite family and friends to join you on this memorable occasion as you bask in the sun, soak in the fun and joyfully remember the people you love and have loved in your life.  Probably some dancing happening as well.  Neighbors from our hood will be invited too.   BBQ goodies available, our Earth/Faith/Food CSA will provide food, and Chris Cortez of KCSM Radio will lead his band and announce the show.  Too much fun!!!

Please keep in your prayers: Steve Petersen’ mother, Pete Yellin, Sheila, Kersti,  Lisa, Sandra, Annie,  Jean, Heather, Paul van Wangeringen, those with Parkinson’s, our graduates,  our Confirmands, the people of Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Haiti and the Ivory Coast.

Bev and I will be on vacation through the end of June.  Pr. Elizabeth will preach and preside as well as respond to any emergency calls.

Δ – “The more I see you, the more I love you!”

Blessings, Pr. Steve