Good News, 06.05.2013


Several centuries ago Mulla Nasrudin got word that he had received a special message from the Sheik in Basra.  When he went to pick it up they told him he must first identify himself.  Nasrudin fished in his trousers and took out a brass mirror.  Looking into it he exclaimed, “Yup, that’s me all right.”

Brunch at Peace/Summertime Kickoff:  This Sunday we’ll have lots of music, reflections from our Catechumens and an almost Eagle Scout, new members will join, we get to learn about ‘We Are All Connected’, and a surprise guest from South Africa will be with us!   All this to be followed by a delicious Brunch which Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is providing, courtesy of Barbara Drohrer-Kline.  This should be a relaxing and joyful way to initiate the summer.

What a gift to hear our Godfriends speak about the Catechumens they have been accompanying for this past half year.  What a treasure to have a friend listen to you, pray with and encourage you on a steadfast basis.  Our spiritual path is always filled with surprises.  Way to go Dabbie, Diane, Gary, Jeanie, Jan and Margaret.

We Are All Connected:  This is an organization which Thais Ouzounian has initiated with a few parents locally to support the work of Dr. Rick Hodes in Ethiopia who has been assisting disabled and abandoned children for over 20 years.  Their goal is not only to provide financial support but equally important to raise the consciousness among the children of our community about the critical needs of other children around the planet.  She wants our children to experience that they are all connected and through working together they can make a difference on this world.  Thais and friends will be working primarily through our local schools.   I invite you to join her at her Brunch Table after worship on June 9 – especially the teachers at Peace and anyone interested in learning more.

First Friday Films is happening this Friday night with the showing of ‘The Lathe of Heaven’.  A fascinating film (the first ever shown on PBS).  You will be intrigued by this spiritual classic.   Questions – contact Elana at:  [email protected].

The Mask Making Workshop with Elise and Kaleo Ching is being offered on Saturdays June 22 and 29.  It is getting good publicity and advance registration is happening.  Choose to be a part of this delightful and insightful transformative experience!  Check out their flier on Sunday in the Gathering Hall or download a copy by clicking here.

Our thanks to the Seminarian Teaching Parish Committee, Chaired by Cindy Townsend who have recently completed their duties in supervising our seminarian John Brett.  Our thanks to the Committee for their dedicated work during this past year.  What a joy to see our seminarians grow in skills, confidence and faith.  PLTS Seminary sends Peace their thanks for our willingness to participate as a Teaching Parish Congregation.  Members of the Committee:  Bill Carmel, Christy Winter, Phil Stanley, Jane Powell, Annie Haines – THANK YOU!

Special thanks also to our Treasurer Diane Kurtz for thoroughly cleaning up our financial records.  While the books have been kept in good shape a variety of items accrue over the years which are obscured by loss of histrorical context or unclear entry titles.  The good news is Diane’s efforts have put us back in tip-top shape — and we are glad!

I am Harvey Milk:  Gary is inviting a group of us to attend this performance by the SF Gay Men’s Chorus in the City on June 27 at 8:00 pm.  Details and sign up will be available this Sunday.

What a surprise to have Gloria Aver drop by last week for a brief visit.  She is doing well in the north country of Vancouver, Washington and she sends her love to the whole congregation!

Jan and Pr. Margareta remind you that all the members of Peace are invited to Celebrate their 120th Birthday with a special Jazz at Peace Event on Sunday, June 23 at 5:00 pm.  The Danish jazz violinist Mads Tolling will perform and you will be delighted!  (PS – the jazz with Dmitri Matheny this past Sunday was outstanding, the crowd was so energized!)

Devout Christians of the future will either be mystics…or they will cease to be anything at all.” (Karl Rahner, German theologian)

Blessings,  Pr. Steve