Good News, 06.05.2012

“I love you more than tongue can tell.”
                                       (Grandma Felts as quoted by Pr. Elizabeth)

Dear Friends:  As I think back on my time among you at Peace, once again I want to shout “Hallelujah!”.  After your blessing on Sunday, I turned to Pastor Steve and said, “This circle of believers, praying for each other, blessing each other, this is what the Holy Spirit had in mind at Pentecost.”  I have learned so much about what God has in mind for church during my time with you.  I am so grateful for the teaching and example of Pastor Steve, but also of the wisdom, humor and healing provided by Pastors Margareta, Elizabeth and Anita.  Wow, what a team!  There are too many memories to mention but I do want to highlight some favorites: the blessing of the animals which included a horse, the Maundy Thursday Seder, the amazing afternoon with the healing prayer team, all the occasions to ring bells and sing with such joy, dancing during Eucharist, the Abba/Imma prayer with Kaleo and Elise, video work with Allison Winter and the rest of the Peace Youth (they inspire my career path and I hope I have inspired theirs!), leading the book discussion with Margaret Beeler, the sage advice and kindness of all our elder leaders, and of course each meeting with my amazing committee.  Their insights and encouragement have formed me deeply.  But perhaps most importantly, my family commented every time they visited about your warmth and hospitality.  What a generous gift of friendship you offer.  Janis and I are hoping to welcome a foster child or two into our home in the coming year and I will begin my internship at St. Paul’s Santa Monica in August.  I look forward to our continued relationships in prayer and support and will keep you posted on my journey.  Thank you again for an incredible year.  Brenda Bos   (PS – I preached in my home congregation today.  Everyone thinks I’ve improved.  Thank you Peace Danville!)

June 10:  This Sunday Rev. Mary Ann Fiene who will be our Sabbatical Pastor will join us for worship.  This is your first opportunity to get acquainted (or for some of you reacquainted) with her.  With her visit and along with other preparations already in motion by various ministries (Council, Healing Prayer, Women’s Group) we intend to design a smooth transition for the Fall.

Trish Watts will be our guest musician this Sunday.  She is a gifted singer from Australia who on rare occasions has gotten to sing at Peace.  You will enjoy and be transformed by her music.

Our Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday too.  It will be quite brief focusing on  the election of new Council Members.

Meet the Artists – In the Spirit… Sacred Journeys:  Sunday evening is your opportunity to meet the artists whose fine works adorn our sanctuary.  You will get to thank them and members of I-SRV who are sponsoring this Exhibit which reveals to our Valley Community the inspiring truths and profound spiritual art which thrives here and yet too often goes unseen within our own community.  Concurrently the Jazz Church West will host Gerry Grosz and his Jazz Kitchen at 5:00 pm.  Gerry has been inspired to compose 4 works because of his experiences at Peace.  This will be a grand evening.  Please invite your friends.

Thanks to all have contributed to purchase art supplies for Memo Dominguez our Nicaraguan Entre Culturas partner and leader.  Jeanie Locklear’s daughter Rachel will be able to deliver the supplies directly to him in Managua in mid-June.

Pr. Anita has decided to conclude her Children’s Ministry work with us after 7 years.  Of course this breaks our hearts because the quality and commitment of her work has been so good yet  we can only be grateful for the wonderful gifts we have received.  And though we will all miss her Children’s Time we have to admit that after seven years one is allowed to make changes.  New leaders will emerge….are you one of them?  Anita,  we love you more than tongue can tell!  Thank you!!

Our thanks to Julie Arnone who gave the Foreverism – Social Media presentation this past Sunday.  New insights were appreciated by all the participants.  Julie is also offering her assistance if you have social media questions or would like for her to review your resume or website.  We are blessed with an abundance of gifts at Peace!

Please keep in your prayers:   Julie Gillespie on the death of her mother; those who are grieving the death of loved ones; Barb, Micki and Jonathan, Ruth, Sarah, John Sarracino, Gloria Aver who is moving to the Northwest; the homeless; the unemployed; those living with addictions; the people and especially children of Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.

Congratulations to Pr. Margareta and Jan Johansson on the birth of second grandchild Mateo!

The Abba/Imma Chi Prayer can be found at:

Congratulations to Felicitas Michael on her recognition as the Employee of the Year at San Ramon Regional Medical Hospital!  Feli, we are proud of you!


Lutherans Concerned—San Francisco Bay Area will be sponsoring a Sierra Pacific Synod contingent in the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.  We will  gather on the streets of San Francisco on June 24 at 9:00 am to celebrate an open-air Eucharist together with our sisters and brothers from The Episcopal Church, as well as with our own Bishop Mark Holmerud and Bishop’s Associate Nancy Nelson.  Imagine openly proclaiming the love of Christ and our mission of reconciliation to over 1 million people! If anyone from your congregation would like to march with us please join us.  Watch our Facebook page for details as the date gets closer:

Congratulations to our High School Grads: Taylor Johansson and Abigail Vass.  Also to Ted Hobden who is graduating from the University of Idaho Law School!  (I told him Confirmation would be advantageous!)

ARF Adopt-a-thon:  This Saturday and Sunday all dogs and cats are Free!  ARF is located at 2890 Mitchell Dr. in Walnut Creek (east on Ygnacio, left on Oak Grove, left on Mitchell).  The hours are from Noon – 5:00 pm.  Greg Grebe encourages you to spread the word.

I hope you are enjoying the bulletin cover art work of the Trinity by Richard Caemmerer.  It will take weeks and months to absorb this soul-engaging work on the mystery of the Three in One or Communion in Union.  Additional copies will be available this Sunday.

Trinity Blessings,  Pr. Steve