Good News, 05.28.09


“I’ll be released, one day, one way or another
by a beautiful real life or a beautiful real death
at the time dwelling in fear that my own death could be near
Hope touched my heart, deeply and released me from my fear.
She gave me joy and peace,
never to give up even in death, even in life
Hope touched my mind and freed me to see.”  (Spoon Jackson)

Ascension Sunday was stunning with the voices of Jarva Roster, a Baptismal Tunnel of Chanting, Swedish liturgical elements and more.  Gracious hosts Gun Johnston, Sheila and David Chiarelli, Margit and Lars Johansson, Jeanie Locklear, Jeanne Kaplan, Judy Warner graciously entertained our guests with luncheons and conversation. The Concert was powerful beyond expectations.  Our audience of 120 people or more was deeply moved.  Hospitality and Reception by Penny Sanders, Mark Miller, Charlene McPherson and Pr. Margareta were appreciated.  A wonderful gift of friendship and connection in the Global Church was given us.  The Concert at New Folsom was extraordinary.  All the members of the Choir got to meet and speak with Spoon Jackson and many other inmates.  More stories will be shared. Many thanks fo Pr. Margareta for connecting us with Kista Congregation.  Thank God for all the blessings seen and unseen and yet to come!

Tomorrow during the day our Sanctuary will be open from 10 to 4 for all impacted by the Supreme Court decision on Marriage Equality who want to drop in for prayer, meditation, pastoral conversation with one of our clergy or a walking of the Labyrinth.  At 7 on Friday evening we will host an Interfaith Worship Service for healing.  All members of Peace are invited to attend and encourage friends in need to join you.  This is not a gay service but a gathering for all those who stand in solidarity and who seek courage, strength and hope in the midst of painful times.

We celebrate Pentecost this Sunday – the Birth Day of the Church.  Wear Red!

Our Confirmands survived the Night of Inquisition last night.  They will be confirmed this Sunday.  What a joyous celebration it will be.  Please keep the Confirmands in your prayers.

VBS begins June 15 – 19.  We have one teacher (3 more are needed), we need 6 adult leaders for various activities and the Confirmands will be involved.  April Miletich and I are seeking your assistance.  Please contact either of us if you are willing to be involved and/or fill out the VBS Insert in the bulletin this Sunday.

Blessings, Pr. Steve