Good News, 05.08.09


God doesn’t die the day we cease to believe in God but we die when we cease to believe in the steady radiance and daily wonder of a crucified and resurrecting love which is beyond all reason.

This Mother’s Day the Partnership Committee has prepared several Gifts Baskets for you.  There will be a Raffle after worship and your mother will be very happy if you get to surprise her with one of these Special Gifts.

We will hopefully have a surprise guest attending worship with us this Mother’s Day too!

Congratulations to Gun Johnston on the birth of second grandson Leif Thomas.  The rest of the family Kenzie, Bo and Lars are all doing well in Dubai.

Thanks to the Partnership Committee for creating a special worship this past Sunday.  It appears an additional person may be joining the Nicaraguan Delegation in July.  It’s not too late for you to sign up too.

Congratulations to the McCusckey Family on the Baptism of Brady last Sunday.  Wonderful to see all the brothers and sister joining in assisting during worship.

The time is fast arriving for the Jarva Roster Choir to sing for us on Ascension, May 24.  Hosts have stepped forward to assist with luncheons in their homes and our Hospitality Hour.  I hope you will make a special effort to invite friends to accompany you for the Interfaith Concert at 4:30 that afternoon.  Our Swedish friends from Kista will have traveled a great distance to share their music, joy and spirit with us.  I hope you feel honored and delighted.

When the decision by the Supreme Court regarding Marriage Equality is issued, our Sanctuary and clergy will be available for prayer and conversation.  You may want to inform friends and families who will be impacted by the decision.  More details to come.

Have you seen how beautiful our Native Garden is? We would like to create a pathway through the Garden so guests can enjoy the plants and learn more about them.  If you have any m”left over” garden materials that could be used for a pathway, we will appreciate the donation.

Blessings, Pr. Steve