Good News, 05.25.2011


Each one of you has received a special grace – so like good stewards responsible for all these varied graces of God, put yours at the service of others. -1 Peter 4: 10

A Pair of Jeans presented a marvelous concert on Sunday. Music of Meditation, Hope, Commitment and Blossoming surrounded us. A wonderful crowd gathered to appreciate the music, haiku, images and the premier of a double piano duet newly composed by Gerry Grosz just for this occasion entitled Tango on 9.0. (Gerry and his wife Michiyo Aoyama also played together for the first time in public!) Our thanks to Libby Flynn, Charlene McPherson, Julie Arnone, Pr. Anita, Susanna El Mogazi, Kaleo and Elise Ching, Mark Donahoo, and students from Athenian School, and Las Lomas High School for contributing their skills and gifts to the day. Also to Thrivent Financial for their Matching Funds. (Below is a summary or the crisis in Japan.)

The culmination of our Destiny Disrupted series was an insightful conversation with Imam Amer Araim. Our thanks to Deacon Gil Jardine for initiating and guiding this 4 Week Study. It revealed a deeper understanding of Islam and heightened our awareness of how much more we have to learn.

Please keep in your prayers: Eric (friend of Tom Popp) who was injured in a hang gliding accident, Sheila, Taylor, Lisa, Heidi and Fidel, Bob, Janelle, Japan and each other.

This Sunday harpist Destiny Muhammed and her cousin Tarika join us to lead worship with their musical gifts. Come renew the friendship with them!

Thanks to our Council for the Ministry Tables presented during May. You can still sign up to assist our Deacons in their ministries.

Now is the time to Sign Up for our CSA/Earth, Faith and Food! Deliveries of produce will begin on June 5. Freshest food on the planet! Go to: to learn more or sign up. Details available at worship on Sunday too.

Elise and Kaleo Ching will offer Acupressure once more on Sunday, June 5. Please sign up this Sunday to receive their healing gift.

Four Disasters struck Japan simultaneously: A 9.0 earthquake, a tsunami, a grave nuclear radiation threat and freezing winter weather. The radiation has had an enormous impact on the agricultural sector and the area around Fukushima will be uninhabitable for decades. The damages cost estimate is $309 billion. At the beginning of April over 12,000 people were confirmed dead; over 15,000 are still missing. The earthquake was the 4th largest in recorded history.

Turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. May we O God build the Living Temple with you.


Pr. Steve