Good News, 04.01.10


The Good Friday Tree bears upon itself thousands of scars and wounds.  Yet in spite of them all, it has continue to heal the sick, to bring hope to the desperate, to comfort the oppressed, to guide the lost, to free the hungry, to shelter the poor, to inspire the anxious, to illumine the intellectual, to challenge the fearless, to save the condemned and to meet the needs of every generation and every human situation.  What a tree!

It is with a view to Christ that the human heart was created, an immense jewel-case, vast enough to contain God himself…The eye was created for the light, the ear for the sounds, all things for their own purpose, and the longing of the soul for reaching up to God. Paul Evdokimov

Today begins the Triduum of Holy Week – the crucial focus for the Christian community on the life-giving Pascal Mystery of the Trinity.  These are days for prayer, reflection and worship which encourage our participation in the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  In some traditions this is known as Still Week.  Come to as many worship opportunities as you can.  Each one is unique and transformative.

Maundy Thursday:  In the format of our Soup and Sacrament we will have a simple meal of soup and bread, share concluding reflections on Psalm 23, celebrate a Last Supper Eucharist and prepare for Good Friday. Join us at 6:30 p.m. in the Gathering Hall.

Good Friday Faith Walk: From 6 – 7:30 pm you are invited to come to Peace, enter through the Courtyard and experience a self-led, guided meditation based on the transforming experiences of Jesus last day.  You can walk this at your own pace.  Children can accompany you.  This is a powerful contemplative journey.

Easter Vigil: On Saturday evening at 7:30 pm our Vigil begins in the Gathering Hall.  This is a profound evening of dark and light, ancient and contemporary, basking in calmness and energizing delight filled with meditative moments and high hilarity.  We will celebrate with the Catechumens and enjoy a Baptism and Eucharist together.  You will never forget this evening!

Easter Day our worship is at 10:00 am.  Fantastic music and joy awaits you.  Invite your friends.

This word from Pr. Anita:

Easter Cookie and Cupcake Decorating
During our regular Sunday School hour, from 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.,  the children will be decorating cookies and cupcakes to be shared during the hospitality hour following worship. Children will be meeting at the Frosting and Sprinkles Table in the Gathering Hall at 9:00 a.m. (You might consider slipping a jumbo tee shirt or another form of frosting protection over their Easter outfit). There’s room for any and all children, ages 3 and up!….and…
Easter Egg Hunt
Immediately after worship we’ll have our annual Three Minute Clean Sweep Easter Egg Hunt! At least I think it takes almost three minutes for the kids to gather up all the eggs. If the weather cooperates the hunt will be held in the front courtyard and in the event of rain we’ll hold it in the sanctuary as soon as we can clear the house and scatter the eggs. We’re going to be recycling the plastic eggs this year and so there will be a couple red plastic buckets where your kids can put their eggs after they empty the sweet contents into their bag OR you can return the eggs on another Sunday.

Blessed Triduum!  Pr. Steve