Good News, 04.13.2012


“Christ always gives his life and never takes life.  Because of that and because he was true to the First Creation – endlessly generous with life and endlessly generating life – he was raised up, the first to initiate the New Creation where all shall be reconciled.  The Risen Body of Christ is the First Seed of the New Creation, we have this seed of life sown in us and we by grace become these seeds ourselves.  The Seed is organic, slow, quiet, usually unnoticed and……. unstoppable.”  Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

Palm Sunday:   Passion Narrative,  Ho-ho/ Ha-ha/ He-he song, music, silence, foot washing.

Maundy Thursday SederThe world can be changed and we can be healed; ritual foods, Exodus Liberation & Lord’s Supper; most importantly – shared stories and real heart connections.

Good Friday:  Stillness, the Word, Faure’s Requiem, candle light, gathering under the Tent.

Easter VigilPie Jesu, stories and poems, improvisational music, Exultet, percussion, champagne cork flying to the ceiling, Eucharist, energy and joy Rolling the Stone Away!

Easter Day:  All the friends gathered, bells, rich music, children’s time, painting the interior of Pacem Totem, the choir, prayer for women, seeds sprouting, “Resusito, alleluia”, Resurrection Communion, more bells, ….and our Egg Hunt and Hospitality Hour!

Let me thank Elizabeth and John Hunter Ashley, Nancy Carlston, Bobbi Jardine. Lois McGee, Elana O’Loskey (and other angels I might have missed) for the delicious food and brightly decorated table for our Easter Hospitality Hour!  It was so welcoming for Peace members and our visitors!  With gratitude, Martha Mantei

The Liturgy for this Sunday, April 15 has been designed by Seminarian Brenda Bos and her Committee (Margaret Beeler, Greg Grebe, Pam and Chuck Fisher, Linda Benatar and Barbara Ghinazzi).  You know it will be creative.  Please come and support the prayerful efforts of Brenda and her Committee.  (Brenda will conclude her pastoral formation training at Peace on Pentecost at the end of May.)

On Being a Theologian of the Cross:  Brenda Bos and Margaret Beeler will lead this book study during the Adult Education Hour starting this Sunday April 15.  Copies are available at Peace.  Read the first chapter.  This is the follow up series we designed after our discussion on the Theology of the Cross versus the Theology of Glory.  All are invited!

Pacem Totem:  The artistic work continues to evolve.  During the Easter Season we will explore with paint and material “what might the inner journey of resurrection transformation been like for Jesus”? What is it like for us?  (Our thanks to Kaleo and Elise Ching and Bill Carmel for their continuing artistic leadership in this process!)

Entre Culturas:  Come and meet staff members of Entre Culturas who facilitate our Partnership Ministry with the community of Laurel Galan, Nicaragua on Friday, April 20 at 6:00 pm at Peace.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about our Partners and the Prayer Partner connections being established.  For details speak with Arlene Reed.

We are happy to announce Community Yoga Classes at Peace beginning in May 2012!  For more details, email [email protected].  Further details can be found at or by talking with Jeanne Kaplan.

The next 12 week series of Tai Chi Chuan Classes begin on Thursday, April 19 at 7:00 pm at Peace.  Beginners are always welcomed.  Talk to me if you have questions.

This Sunday the Jazz Church West hosts Clifford Brown, III and the Brewing Company.  Next generation jazz and way cool!  Join us at 5:00 pm.

We will celebrate Earth Day on April 22.

Easter Joy,  Pr. Steve