Good News, 04.03.2013


This life, therefore, is not godliness but the process of becoming godly, not health but getting well, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be, but we are on the way.  The process is not yet finished but it is actively going on.  This is not the goal but it is a true path. At present everything does not gleam and sparkle but everything is being cleansed.” (M. Luther)

What a Blessed Holy Week:
Passover Seder:  A Liberation Meal of Transcendence and Transformation of our World.
Good Friday: A stark reminder of the Anguish Christ suffers with all of God’s People.
Easter Vigil: The Night of Mystery, Presence in the Stillness, Joyous light in the Darkness.
Easter Day: The Grace and Delight of Friends, Music, Choir, ‘Pie Jesu’, Trumpet, Children’s Time, Preaching and Sacrament.  Hopefully Noah will drum all of us into Heaven!

First Friday Films – This Friday, April 5 at 6:30 pm:  Elana and Seminarian John Brett are initiating a Monthly Film Evening for members and friends of Peace.  It is an opportunity to enjoy great films and share reflections with friends…..along with pure relaxation and fine popcorn.  This Friday we get to see As It Is In Heaven, a Swedish film about a famous conductor who after a tragedy must return to his home village….where he ends up leading the church choir!   You will love it – especially on the 42” Flat Screen TV in our Youth Room.  Spread the word, invite your friends.  To download a copy of the flyer for this special event click here.

Jazz Church West:  This Sunday a long time friend of Jazz at Peace – Anton Schwartz – will return with Will Blades playing the B-3 Hammond Organ.  You will be surprised and enlightened by the mastery of these incredible musicians.  Send your jazz loving friends to church…it will be good for them!  To see the artists who are playing for the remainder of our 8th Season’s Spring Schedule click here.

Baha’i Friends invite friends from Peace to join them for a viewing of the film ‘Education Under Fire’ on Sunday, April 14 at 5:00 pm in the Peace Youth Room.  This is a continuation of the dialogue that was initiated with the book study Destiny Disrupted.  It is an occasion to deepen our mutual understanding and commitment to living as spiritual people in God’s world.  There will be a reception and we will conclude by 6:30.

The Sunday Salon continues with the Bonhoeffer book  (Chapters 16 – 22) this Sunday, April 7 from 2 – 4 pm (note the special time).  All are invited to experience this incredible story of faith, commitment, challenge, choice and grace.

Please keep in your prayers:  The Church Council, who will be on Retreat this Saturday; Ceil, on the death of her father; Melinda, Jonathan, our Catechumens, the people of Syria, those who prayed with us on Easter Sunday, and all those who found Easter Eggs.

The Women of Peace will meet next Wednesday, April 10 from 10 – Noon.

A fantastic Pancake Breakfast is coming our way on Sunday, April 14 starting at 9:00 am….for the pure pleasure of it!  Don’t miss out.

Hospice of the East Bay is in need of Volunteers who are licensed in hair care or massage.  If you know hair care specialists or massage therapists who would be interested in volunteering for HEB, please have them contact Elaine Lasack at 887-5678 x1074.  Thank you, Bev Harms

BJ asks: ” If you know anyone with short-term rental space – for me and/or my stuff – please let me know asap.”  BJ is moving and doing a little “Transition Dance”.  Contact the church office if you have space for her temporary need.  Thank you.

The Lord has written the promise of the resurrection in every leaf of springtime.” Luther

Joyous Easter,  Pr. Steve