Good News, 03.19.2009


Sometimes we judge the quality of our prayers to be poor or think “real prayers must be better than mine”.  False expectations of prayer leave us frustrated.  Here is a comment from John Chapman that will encourage you:  “One must pray for God’s sake; but you will not get any satisfaction out of it in the sense of feeling ‘I am good at prayer’ or ‘I have an excellent method’.  That would be disastrous,  since what we want to learn is who we are before God and face our own need, vulnerabilities and emptiness.  One should wish for no prayer, except precisely the prayer that God gives us – which is usually very distracted and unsatisfactory in every way.  But this prayer is true to who God knows and loves us to be.  (Spiritual Letters)

We will have a Healing Prayer Service this Sunday.  I think you will find this a service of comfort, strength and encouragement.

The Baha’i Assembly of Danville thanks you for your prayers and the signing of the Letters of Support for the imprisoned leaders in Iran.

The Spring Equinox occurs this weekend.  Join the Confirmands in Walking the Labyrinth after worship and hospitality – if you aren’t going to the Gnosticism Class.

A Garage Sale is happening this Saturday at Annie Haines home – 2825 Stratford Dr. (off of Pine Valley) in San Ramon starting around 9 am.  If you want to help her and Ro muscle some things out on to the driveway – feel free to join in earlier that morning.

Nancy Reeder-Daubenmire invites you to attend a Recital for her piano students at Peace on Saturday at 1:15 pm.  Most, not all, the students are beginners.  But you never know how artists will surprise you!

Our Church Directory has been updated is available for you to pick up at worship this Sunday.

Green Cleaning: Our Deep Cleaning of the sanctuary on Saturday, March 28 from 10 – Noon has become a Green Cleaning event.  Ro and members of the Green Committee will educate and provide you with top eco-friendly solvents to use in addition to your elbow grease.  There will be good coffee available too.

Our 10th Anniversary in our new Sanctuary is being celebrated with special festivities on March 29.  This will be a fun occasion to share stories, offer gratitude and give thanks for the life we share together.

There will be an Acolyte Training after worship on the 29th too.

Holy Week begins April 5 with Palm Sunday.  Sign up for the Seder this Sunday.  Easter is April 12.

I trust you enjoyed the Confirmands 20 Commandments last Sunday.  Surely someone out there is following all of them!

The next time the Lights turn on in your home, on the street or in your minds and hearts – remember you are already in God’s Temple!  (from – “Sunday Worship Experiences I will Never Forget”).

Blessings, Pr. Steve