Good News, 03.19.10


The Architect of the world never does the same thing twice.  Every day is an entirely new creation.  Receive as much as you can from what each new day has to offer. – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Our Community Seder with Beth Chaim Congregation will be at Peace on March 25. We will begin at 5:45 and conclude around 8 p.m. The meal will be catered this year so the cost is $15/person.  Child care is available. To maximize our congregational connections and participation attendance is limited to those 12 and over. Families will need to provide a bottle of red wine for their table.  Grape juice will be provided.  Pray for many blessing with this unique celebration together.

Ministry Conversations:
A Suggestion: Members Inquired – “Now that the Debt is Retired, how will we decide our Ministry Priorities?”
Council Response: We will host 2 Saturday Dialogues for members to express their priorities and learn the callings of others.
Callings: “Where the pain of the world intersects the joy of your heart” – that is your calling.
Intention: In gathering the members of Peace we will clarify our callings, discern present and future congregational priorities,  and enjoy the company of friends.
Key: Your participation ….and the Holy Spirit.
Date and Time: 2nd Opportunity – Saturday, March 20 from 10 – Noon.  We will meet in the Gathering Hall.

It was marvelous to celebrate Antonio Garzon’s Baptism.  Congratulations to his parents Amy and Marco and the Hobden and Garzon families!

Deacon Raddi El Mogazi reported that the Crab Feast and Silent Auction raised over $3,000!  Many thanks to all who participated and contributed.

The Partnership Committee invites you to join them for conversation after worship this Sunday.

Jazz with Inga Swearingen this past Sunday was a most beautiful experience.  True sweetness, beauty and creativity.  Anton Schwartz adds so much also.  I thought you would be tickles to see the Marcus Shelby Invitation below.  We hosted this Martin Luther King Oratorio for Jazz at Peace 2 years ago.

Marcus Shelby’s Martin Luther King Jazz Oratorio – Saturday, May 8, 8:00 p.m., Creative Arts Building, 250 School St., Pittsburg:  Any congregation affiliated with the Interfaith Council is encouraged to attend this wonderful event, and also use it as a fundraising event.  Advance tickets for this show in the 2,000-seat auditorium will be $20.

Holy Week:

March 21 – Palm Sunday, 10:00 am
April 1 – Maundy Thursday, 6:30 pm
April 2 – Good Friday Faith Walk, 7:00 pm
April 3 – Easter Vigil , 7:30 pm
April 4 – Easter at 10:00 am with Egg Hunt following worship

I trust you have been reciting your Mantra all week:  In God’s eyes I am of Infinite Value.

Blessings, Pr. Steve