Good News, 03.05.10


The Light of the Infinite One is without form and only takes shape – for good or bad – in the recipient.  Therefore it is up to us.  We have to do our best to shape God’s light into blessings. – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

This Sunday we will have a Healing Prayer Worship Service.  A wonderful opportunity for prayer and light.

Our Crab Feast is this Saturday (3/6) at 5 PM.  Please email Raddi at [email protected] if you need to cancel or if you have any additions so we can prepare accordingly. There is still room for additions.   And remember, the crab is served pre-cracked but you may want to bring your own ‘crab crackers’ if you have them.  See you Saturday!”

Ministry Conversations: Now that our debt is gone to what ministries shall Peace devote and focus our energies?  The Council has prepared two occasions to hear from you and listen tone another:  Saturdays, March 13 and 20, 10 – Noon. There will be coffee and goodies to enjoy.  Renewing ministries, sustaining current ministries , creating new ministries are all welcomed.  What matters to you – what stirs your passion, joy, hopes and dreams?  The Spirit is willing to work with what we offer.  Choose one session and join in.  Give us your best – make this a part of your Lenten journey.

Our Community Seder with Beth Chaim Congregation will be at Peace on March 25. We will begin at 5:45 and finish around 8 p.m. The meal will be catered this year so the cost is $15/person. Reservations and payment are needed by March 17. Initially we are inviting 60 members from each congregation so Signing Up is important.  You can register this Sunday or call the church office. To maximize our congregational connections and participation attendance is limited to those 12 and over. Families will need to provide a bottle of red wine.  Grape juice will be provided.

Recycling at Last! After being caught for many months within a bizarre bureaucratic Catch 22 conundrum and after many hours of investigative research we finally have on site recycling for all our cans, glass and paper goods.  Rejoice, rejoice!

Jazz at Peace on March 14 will host Inga Swearingen who has created the Swedish Jazz Farm.  The 2003 winner of the Shure Jazz Voice competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival, she has been a favorite regular guest on NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion” since 2005.  Garrison Keillor says, “Inga has a gorgeous voice, very fresh, evocative and note-perfect… and that’s the sort of person you want to sing harmony to.” What Lutheran won’t enjoy this!  Get a sample at: Inga’s website by clicking through here.  Invite your friends.

Our Family Service created an astounding worship: our children in their purple stoles, a purple “We are the World” Children’s Circle (thanks Annie), the Baptism of Lukas Collins, a unique altar design, Anita’s inspirational word about Children’s Ministry, Tamara Bohlin – cellist extraordinaire – and her musician sons, our Youth Guitarists and Singers (thanks April, Alexi, Abigail, Allison and Elizabeth), the Blessing of Marko Andre’ Johansson, the Eucharist and purple M&Ms.  What more could you want!   It is clear that we will have Family Services 3 or 4 times per year now.  Thanks to all who work with our young ones – Bob, Tammy, Ceil and Christine and all who have volunteered for future involvement.

To close – our Biblical Lesson from last Sunday:

Today we remember all the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the Bible who started out as children…..and grew up:   Abraham and Sarah who were promised children – “as many as the stars of the sky!”;  Isaac who was nearly sacrificed on an altar…and his wife Rebekah; Jacob – who pulled a mean trick on his brother when they were boys – and his wife Rachel who wept for all the children she lost.

We remember all the babies the Israelite midwives saved;  we remember Baby Moses hidden in the rushes  – and all the children who ran for their lives from Egypt.

We remember Joseph and his Rainbow-Colored coat; Samuel the acolyte who worked in the Temple; David the sheepherder who slew Goliath.

And we remember the boy and his mom who shared their home with Elisha; and Jeremiah who was called in the womb; and Hosea’s children – who all got stuck with funny names.

These are some of the Small and Tall people who made God’s love real for all of us.

Blessings, Pr. Steve