Good News, 03.29.12


“To live in this time is to live in God’s time for in Christ all things hold together; to have confidence  at all times that this is God’s world, that the One who is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and completion of time – is making all things new….this is what God wants us to know.” (Paul Harms)

This is Palm/Passion Sunday and our Holy Week or Still Week celebrations begin.  It is a time of profound mystery for the Christian Community as we ponder the healing of our lives, times and cosmos.  All is being made new through the unconditional love of the Cross.  We can’t comprehend it but we can absorb the grace.  We can practice the reconciling love which breathes peace wherever brokenness, grief and injustice are found.  Participate in as many of these services as is possible for you.  Each one will enrich you in ways unimaginable.


April 5:  Maundy Thursday/Seder at 6:30 pm.  This is the culmination of our Exodus Lenten Series.  A joyful ritual Passover Meal at which Jesus instituted the Eucharist.

April 6:  Good Friday – a contemplative service beginning at 7:00 pm

April 7:  The Easter Vigil on Saturday evening at 7:30 pm presents every aspect of the High Feast from solemnity to hilarity.  Choose to make this a central part of your Resurrection Celebration!

April 8:  Easter Day Worship is at 9:30 am.  Celebrate with music, choir and festive spirit.  The Egg Hunt will follow worship.

Be sure to return your Easter Eggs for the children this Sunday!  They can be filled with candy or little surprises.  Please make sure they sealed and closed with tape!

Our thanks to the Healing Prayer and Art and Spirituality Committees for their creative design of our Healing Prayer Service this past Sunday.   How gracefully and persistently the Gospel insists on Planting Seeds of Hope within us that we might be changed into the fullness of Love who reconciles and makes whole the broken shards of our hearts, relationships and injustice.   After grandchild Aden Collins had planted his seed of hope he gleefully cried out,  “I did it!” That’s all our God wants to hear from us, the joyful cry – I did it, I became human, I changed – I became real! Watch the planters in the sanctuary for signs of growth and transformation these next Sundays

APRIL FOOLS MADS-NESS: A Celebration of Jazz Violin with the Mads Tolling Quartet happens Sunday April 1st @ 5pm….2 Sets with a Tasty Reception.  $20/person. Our Special Guest and Emcee  is Clifford Brown, Jr. of KCSM-FM 91.1.  Mads  (who just played a concert for the Danish Prince and Princess) is a Two Time Grammy Award winner.   This is a rare treat.  Thanks to the Jazz at Peace team for their efforts to bring great culture and art to our Valley!

Keep in your prayers:  Jack Larson recovering from burns, Micki and Sarah, Joe, Joseph, those in mourning,  the people of Syria – especially the children who have been tortured; political prisoners, the abandoned and lonely, immigrants and refugees, our seminarians, the unemployed.

Holy Week PrayerJust before your Final Week begins – everything collides together:  The glib attitudes of life on the surface and the moment of sublime submission.

You are afraid, anxious, wary of betrayal, despair and anguish.  Here is held everything human and all human beings.  Here are you and me.

It is when you have been tested that you know who you are; You know it, Lord, not me….because it hasn’t fully happened yet for me.

Lord, we would like to follow you all the way, all the way to the Cross.

Lenten Blessings,  Pr. Steve